Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Who Here Can Talk "Netspeak?"

In the world of Mutant Future, not everyone is going to be able to communicate clearly with each other. A mutated animal with its snarls and grunts would have a hard time making itself understood to a synthoid who only communicates in computer-based algorithms. Over at the Mutant Future forum at Goblinoid Games, "Outlander" posted an incredibly interesting list of languages that may have evolved in the Mutant Future. It's going to be helpful if your mutant can speak "Ancient" for those times he stumbles across an instruction manual for that scavenged hovercar. And the "Native"-speaking nomads would be wise to learn to speak "Scavenger" and "Trade." The whole discussion of language is underway here: Languages of the Wastes.


  1. | @/\/\ f||_|3/\/+ |/\/ /\/3+5|*3@|< @/\/|) i+'5 \/@|2i@+i()/\/5

  2. Whew! That took forever to translate! But I won't spoil it for anyone else. ;) But...

    900|) |=0|2 `/0(_)!


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