Friday, October 30, 2015

Sketchbook Of Grotesqueries No Longer Available...

Happy Halloween! As an appropriately creepy treat for today, I have compiled 17 Cryptworld things that have appeared here at The Savage AfterWorld into a handy booklet for use at your gaming table! The Sketchbook of Grotesqueries contains these 17 unique monsters for your Cryptworld campaigns:

Bloody Bones
Bloody Mary
Carnivorous Swarm
Screaming Skull
Slender Man
Smiley Face
The Tooth Fairy
White Noise

However, this offer was available only for Oct. 31, 2015, and the Sketchbook has become nothing more than a ghostly fleeting memory of Halloween Past. Sorry!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

[Cryptworld] The Month Of Things: Screaming Skull

A Caterwauling Cranium for Cryptworld

STR: NA --- WPR: 8 (120)
DEX: NA --- PER: 3(45)
AGL: NA --- PCN: 6 (90)
STA: NA --- PWR: 130
ATT: 1/* --- WND: 0*

Experience: 1,000

A screaming skull is a form of ghost (Cryptworld rule book, page 60) that remains tethered to the last remnant of its former self -- its severed skull. (The skull can be said to be "haunted" by the restless spirit.) The creature has a supernatural attraction for a specific location that held great meaning to it during its life, usually a beloved home or residence, although it could also be a favorite club, a friend's house, etc. In death, the spirit has a need to be anchored to that location for all eternity, and it will bring down great vengeance on those who dare to remove it from its favorite "haunt." Those who reside at the location usually have inherited the skull along with instructions to always keep the skull at hand lest it voice its hellish displeasure.

There are two kinds of screaming skulls that could be encountered: passive and active.

Passive screaming skulls are satisfied with their existence as long as they remain within the confines of their preferred haunt. These skulls prefer to be placed on public display, for example, resting in the center of a dining room table as a macabre centerpiece or sitting on a fireplace mantle for all to see. (To keep the peace, the skull's owner allows this grim relic to remain on display.) If the screaming skull is ever removed from the confines of its haunt, the skull will begin wailing and screaming at random intervals soon after being removed. This terrifying caterwauling usually terrorizes the thief into returning the object. However, if the skull is not returned to its former residence within the first 24 hours, it will lash out at the person who removed it with its Shriek of the Accursed power. It will continue to use this power once a day against its kidnapper until that person is dead or until it is returned. If the person who removed the screaming skull dies before they can return the grisly artifact, the screaming skull will suddenly "reappear" at its proper haunt within the hour.

Active screaming skulls are angry that they have not crossed over and horrified that they remain locked into their vessel. These screaming skulls truly do "haunt" their preferred locations by their constant wailing and moaning. The amount of noise the screaming skull will produce varies: some will constantly whimper and cry without stopping, whereas others will scream and shriek once every couple of weeks for a few ear-splitting moments before going silent again. These screaming skulls must also remain in their preferred haunt, although they are not as picky when it comes to their location. Their owners have been known to seal them behind brick walls, hide them in closets and desk drawers, or tuck them away in steamer trunks in the basement or attic. Although the constant caterwauling can be lessened with these methods, it can never be completely silenced. As with the passive skulls, an active skull will attack anyone who removes it -- usually the location's owner, now desperate for any respite from the shrieking. The screaming skull will curse the victim with its Shriek of the Accursed before it suddenly reappears at its proper haunt. (It will not wait for the victim's death, as it simply wants to return home.)

Screaming skulls cannot be attacked in the typical fashion. Any blows visited upon the skull will be ineffective as the skull can reform itself even from catastrophic damage. The only way to destroy the screaming skull is to give the residing spirit rest by rejoining its skull with the rest of its body. But even if the location of the body is known, the skull will not allow itself to be removed form the premises without attacking. Usually the best course of action in dealing with a screaming skull is to leave it alone.

Screaming Skull Powers

Shriek of the Accursed: When the screaming skull uses this power, it opens its jaw as wide as it can and releases a soul-shattering scream of anger, fear, and anguish. All within hearing range must make a fear check on column 6 and suffer the results of the terrifying wail. The person who removed the skull that the skull has specifically targeted will also hear the shriek, regardless of where they are in relation to the skull's location. (Even if they have thrown the skull into a well and driven off, they will hear the skull's shriek as if the skull were beside them.) The targeted victim will immediately take Medium Damage as per a successful Armed Combat Result (2d10 x 2 STA and three Wounds). Finally, upon hearing the shriek of the accursed for the first time, the target victim's LUCK score will drop to 0 permanently. This is usually enough to prompt the remover into returning the skull to its rightful location as quickly as possible.

Friday, October 23, 2015

[Cryptworld] The Month Of Things: Strix

An Avian Abattoir for Cryptworld

STR: 5 (75) --- WPR: 3 (45)
DEX: 5 (75) --- PER: NA
AGL: 7 (105) --- PCN: 7 (105)
STA: 4 (60) --- PWR: NA
ATT: 3/90% --- WND: 14
MV:  L 75 F 225 (L 75† when human)

Experience: 1,000

A strix is a lycanthropic “were-raptor” that takes the form of a half-man/half-bird of prey. During the period of a new moon, the strix – which typically resembles a human -- will transform into the hybrid man-bird thing in 3d10 rounds. It will retain this form for the duration of the new moon’s phase. (The strix will usually make arrangements while human to explain away the 3-day absence – a sudden illness, away on vacation, on a business trip, etc.)

In its monstrous form, the strix’s bird-half typically resembles a hawk, vulture, or owl, although other forms of bird are possible. (A strix cannot fully transform into a bird of prey.) The strix sprouts large wings enabling it to fly with ease. Its hands and feet become razor-sharp talons, and its head transforms into that of its avian species. A strix is able to see equally well during the night as it does during the day, making it particularly dangerous during the new moon phase. The strix usually attacks from the air during a moonless night, letting loose with an ear-piecing shriek as it drops from the sky onto its prey. It will claw and tear at its victim with its talons and beak, rending the victim as it feeds. If a victim survives a strix attack, they must make a WIL save or they will inherit the curse, becoming a strix at the next new moon phase.

A strix in either of its forms regains Stamina as if one column higher. It heals 2 Wounds with each day of rest; 4 if receiving medical treatment. Just as with werewolves (Cryptworld rule book, page 72), silver bullets deal +5 Wound boxes of damage with any successful attack. In its human form, a strix will seek out and live at the highest point in the area – a mountain ridge, a big city high rise, a chain of hills, etc.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Con On The Cob Day 3: Robot Wars, Trick-Or-Treat, And Experiment TB-4

Howdy folks! Day Three of Con on the Cob is winding to a close (well, except for the parties that are exploding all over the place tonight). As the revelry continues into the night, I'm going to give you one last peek inside my experiences with this year's Con on the Cob. Tomorrow is the final day, so the final Day Four post will go live later after I return home. But onward to today's summary:

  • After a bracing breakfast of "hotel eggs and sausage", I peeked into The Atrium to see what games were running. Even at the 8 a.m. hour, there were some stalwarts who had already gotten started. (Or perhaps they were still going strong from the previous evening. Hard to tell...)
  • Today there was an all-day Robot Wars event. In one of the side rooms, a small plexiglass arena had been assembled, and robot gladiators were inside, zipiing around and slicing each other to ribbons. There were also two trapdoors that would drop any unfortunate 'bot down into the murky depths...and onto the carpet. The room smelled of oil and ozone. If I had more time, I could've stayed and watched and cheered all day. Cool stuff.
  • Many of the folks in the Vendor's Hall were fairly sluggish after staying up late gaming and partying. But that's the toll CotC has on you -- it doesn't end until Sunday afternoon or until you walk away.
  • Again today, lots of Cryptworld/Monsters Macabre interest and sales. Very pleased to see the reception the game gets. And it appears I have a full table for tonight's game of "Condition Critical!"
  • The kids attending the convention are known as "The Children of the Cob." Each year, there are tons of events for the kiddies including a visit from Santa, a scavenger hunt, arts and crafts, and a masquerade parade. This afternoon, it was time for trick-or-treat as the kids got up in their costumes and went from vendor to vendor, asking for candy and treats. This year I was prepared as I had a whole bucket full of Smarties, gumballs, taffy, bubble gum, chocolates, and other goodies.
  • Tonight, I had six reporters and investigators checking out what happened to the missing hospital staff in "Condition Critical." As they toured the abandoned clinic, they knew something was seriously wrong, except for Pat West, the resident cynic and skeptic. (When the thing attacked him, he came around.) After they found Dr. Eastman's video logs and discovered the nature of the paranormal threat, they went to the hospital's OR and cobbled together some makeshift weapons from the supplies there, including oxygen-tank-powered flamethrowers, Molotov cocktails made from bottles of alcohol, and a coat-rack that was surprisingly effective. When the thing attacked for the final showdown, they somehow managed to set the room and everything in it on fire. However, they succeeded in their fight against Experiment TB-4 and were taken away by the authorities. (Meanwhile, a black helicopter lands at the scene of the carnage and special agents are now investigating...)

Lots more pictures today than yesterday, so on to the visual stimuli!

Remember those eerie screaming baby faced creature figures I mentioned yesterday? Some of you asked for a visual as to what I meant. OK, here ya go.

 The Robot Wars room was filled with whirring saw blades, clashing mechanical combatants, and the smell of oil and burning wire. It was awesome.

Early this morning, there were folks starting to get their games underway in The Atrium. 

 And just turning slightly to the left, the rest of The Atrium saw kids playing on the mini golf course, the Gymboree, and a host of other playground equipment. I wanted to crawl through the tube-maze, but was afraid of getting stuck.

 The Artitorium artist's room was filled with amazing pieces and stunning works all for sale.

The Northeast Ohio Ghostbusters were on-site to keep any supernatural incursions minimal. Thanks guys! 

And today's purchases include two Star Ace modules I didn't have, a three-CD compilation of medieval folk music, a chocolate-encrusted super-pretzel, and the original artwork of the Boo Hag, which also appears in Monsters Macabre.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Con On The Cob Day 2: Original Artwork, Screaming Baby Faces, And Brian's Not Dead

Greetings once again from this year's Con on the Cob. It's Day Two and -- well -- I honestly don't have that much to say about the events of the day. Today was a booth-intensive day as Jim Yoder and I manned the Goblinoid Games booth, and didn't find much time gaming, mischief, and all of the other stuff you come to expect from these daily missives. But let me see what I can dredge up:

  • Spent a large portion of the day manning the Goblinoid Games book, as I mentioned. The biggest seller so far is -- of course -- Cryptworld and Monsters Macabre.
  • Speaking of Monsters Macabre, I heard that Brian Thomas -- one of the artists for the book - was at the con and he had original artwork from the book for sale. I stopped by in the morning to visit, and was told by Jason Braun that Brian had "one too many" the previous night and was sleeping off a nasty hangover. I purchased a couple of pieces (see next bulletpoint) and left to return later. At closing, Brian STILL wasn't available. "My God, did he die?" I asked. "I bet he wishes he had," was Jason's answer.
  • The two pieces I picked up are the original drawings Brian did for the Brundle and the Harvester -- two things I wrote for Monsters Macabre. These will be framed and hung next to my original Mummy and Troglodyte pieces from the Cryptworld rulebook. Thanks Brian!
  • The booth across from ours features clay sculptures of creatures with screaming baby faces. Turtles with screaming baby faces. And giant worms with screaming baby faces. And more screaming baby-related nightmares. Plus there was a jar with a pickled squirrel skull in it. The woman assisting in the booth is nice enough. Showed me a picture of her boobs, in fact. (I am not joking with anything written in this bulletpoint.)
  • Even while tending the booth, I feel the need to be the biggest Grammar Nazi in the room, apparently. I spent an embarrassing amount of time ranting about proper semi-colon use to Kevin who just wanted me to proof his flyer for an upcoming game.
  • My 6 pm Cryptworld game went bust as I didn't have anyone sign up for it. No matter, as Roy, Kevin, Jim, and Kelly said they'd like to play after dinner. Sadly, after dinner, I was sluggish, tired, it was late, and I'm old. I begged off to go back to my room and crash for the evening.
  • At dinner, I ran into Brian. HE'S ALIVE! (And I'm done giving him hell.)
Sorry that today's recap is so terse, as the Wi-fi is still uppity, and my playtime was fairly limited. I also didn't take many pictures -- just one in fact. I'll try to do better tomorrow. For now, Old Man Snider's gotta get to bed. Hell, it's nearly 10 pm!

The Brundle and Harvester from Monsters Macabre as illustrated by Brian Thomas who is, in fact, NOT dead. (OK, NOW I'm done.)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Con On The Cob Day 1: Cherry Air Freshener, KODT LAS, and HRONK-HRONK-HRONK

Greetings readers, as once again I live-blog from one of my favorite conventions -- Con on the Cob in Brecksville, Ohio! The convention calls itself "Four Days of Games, Art, Freaks, & Fun", and it always lives up to the billing. The Con outgrew its old digs in Hudson, and this year is the first in its new location, so I'm curious as to how the new location pans out.

I'm up early to head down to the vendor's hall to begin setting up the booth for Goblinoid Games as I type this up. As always, this "Live From The Convention" travelogue will be a running commentary of my impressions of what I've seen and done during the event, updated throughout the day, and posted before turning in later tonight. So here we go:
  • Room is nice enough, but I hate the sickly-sweet air freshener/disinfectant used by the cleaning staff. It smelled like cherry cough syrup when I walked in. Blergh. Fortunately it aired out fast enough.
  • The Wi-fi connection here SUCKS. It is best described as "spotty" as the hotel's "automatic connection" isn't automatic. Takes 20 minutes of fiddlin' to get a connection. It won't connect unless you enter the hotel's magic password, yet you can't enter the password without being connected. Plus everyone trying to use the system at the same time taxes the signal, kicking me off during peak hours. It's driving me batty. We're see if I can limp through the next few days with these posts. However, if this is the only one you read, that's the reason.
  • When I checked in, the front desk gave me one of those plastic clip-on bracelet things you might get at a hospital or at a concert. When I asked what it was for, she said it's so they could ID me as a guest. Still confused by that. Ain't wearing it either.
  • Inspired by an earlier G+ post, I brought a stack of unwanted gaming materials that I left throughout the convention's halls with "FREE TO A GOOD HOME" stickers on them. Every so often, I'd leave some random goodie out for someone, and it'd be gone in minutes. Enjoy!
  • Booth is set up and well-stocked with tons of games. Once the vendor's hall opened, there was a ton of interest in Cryptworld, Monsters Macabre, and Starships & Spacemen 2e. Made several sales, but the first day is usually light. I'm set up right next to Roy Snyder and the Goodman Games booth, so we whiled away the hours gabbing about games, life, and other jazz.
  • I love the way the con is laid out at this new location. There's a lot of space in all of the ancillary rooms, and most of them over look The Atrium below where all of the open gaming is held. If you've ever wanted to watch an RPG being played like you were in a sporting stadium, this is the place.
  • However, The Atrium is in the same room with the pool and hot tub, so it's 98 degrees and 115% humidity in there. The echoing is a bit hard to manage too. I'll see how bad it is when I run my games  tomorrow afternoon.
  • This year's souvenir CotC shirt is sheer awesome. Pix to follow.
  • While in the booth, I had a group of three friends ask about Cryptworld. I explained the system, then gave them a thumbnail description of tomorrow's game "Condition Critical." All three had their mouths agape. Then one muttered, "We're so there, dude." So looks like I have some new players!
  • Spent 20 minutes laughing about the existence of a store named ACME in the area. I desperately want to go there and ask where they keep the anvils, rocket skis, portable holes, and comically big red magnets.
  • Met up with Jim Yoder who joined me in the CotC Con Suite for some rather suspect "fruit punch." I don't think it was Hawaiian at all.
  • At 10 p.m., there was a special showing of all episodes of the Knight of the Dinner Table live-action series. In spite of the troubles this project has had, it was incredibly funny and true to the strip. Loved every minute of seeing these classic characters on the screen.
And now, as always, are some shots taken from the Con floor and around the area. Tune in tomorrow for more missives from Con on the Cob! (Wi-fi willing, that is....)

Always nice to know immediately if you've found the right place.

Just a few of the freebies I "salted "around the convention for a few lucky folks.

 The Gobinoid Games / Pacesetter booth is open and ready for business!

 Just a few of the items up for sale.

This eyeball-headed drone stood watch over the registration deck. I named him "Roger."

 The Vendor's Hall during set-up.

 The fire truck that responded to the fire alarm. I think they should've offered rides around the parking lot for $5 a person. I would've enjoyed that!

Yours truly live at the convention!

 This year's shirt and a few DCC RPG items I picked up from the Goodman Games booth "next door."

The Atrium has gaming running 24-7.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Con On The Cob Starts In Six Days! Come Check Out The Goblinoid/Pacesetter Booth!

Ok folks in Ohio and neighboring states! Con on the Cob starts next Thursday, and Your Friendly Neighborhood Sniderman will be in attendance for his third straight year! This has become my favorite Ohio-based convention filled with gaming, parties, pick-up games, artists, vendors, seminars, more gaming, drinking and debauchery, auctions, live entertainment, and even more gaming. It's four straight days of fun, fun, fun, and I'd love to meet some of you there this year. As always, I'll be live blogging from the event each day, so be sure stay tuned to The Savage AfterWorld for news and updates from Ohio's "Four Days of GamesArtFreaksFun"!
  • Goblinoid Games/Pacesetter will have a vendor's booth again this year manned by myself and the ever-genial Jim Yoder of Random Dispatches (from Ohio)! I'll have the entire GG / Pacesetter library available for sale -- in hardback and softcover -- so if you need Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future, Cryptworld, Starships & Spacemen, or anything else, stop by the booth!
  • And, as a special release, Con on the Cob will see the first public offering of the new Monsters Macabre sourcebook for Cryptworld for sale! Come pick up your own copy of Pacesetter's newest book for its modern horror RPG.
  • Speaking of Cryptworld, I'll be running two games during the con: "Unquenchable" and "Condition Critical." Think you're savvy enough to survive the night? Test your mettle in these two horrifying scenarios!
  • Do I have swag for my players? Damn skippy I have swag for my players. Folks who play in my games always get goodies! This year, all CW players will get a newly-printed copy of the new zine "Creepy Comic Conversion" Issue 1. This mini-adventure for Cryptworld is based on a classic horror comic tale from the 1950s! Even if you don't play in the game, these will be available at the booth, so swing by!
  • I'll also be available for after-hours pick-up games too! I'll be playing games throughout the con, but I'm always up for any board games/RPGs that pop up after the show "ends." Let me know if you've got something going on!
  • This year, Con on the Cob has moved to new swankier digs at the Days Inns & Suites in Brecksville, Ohio! Bigger gaming areas! Bigger vendor's halls! THERE'S A MINI-GOLF COURSE IN THE HOTEL. Looking forward to checking out the new location!
  • And, as mentioned, I'll be posting each day I'm there. So be sure to stay tuned next week for news, updates, photos, coverage, and tales of adventure from Ohio's bestest funnest game con and 24-hour party!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

[Cryptworld] The Month Of Things: Bloody Bones

A Gruesome Ghoul  for Cryptworld

STR: 4 (60) --- WPR: 3 (45)
DEX: 3 (45) --- PER: 3 (45)
AGL: 3 (45) --- PCN: 3 (45)
STA: 6 (90) --- PWR: NA
ATT: 1/53% --- WND: 15
MV:  L 75†

Experience: 700

A bloody bones appears as a skeletal creature covered in blood and gore that glistens wetly. Loose strips of muscle and tendon hang from its skeletal body, and a pair of lidless eyes glare from its eye sockets. Although it could be mistaken for a skeleton or zombie, a bloody bones is much worse.

A bloody bones is form of The Created (Cryptworld rule book, page 56). Although constructed from bones, flesh, and tissue as though it were a composite man, the bloody bones is brought to life through magical means, usually an arcane ritual or deal made with demonic forces. One animated, the bloody bones is locked into servitude of the one who created it. The bloody bones will obey the first order given to it by its creator. (This request is usually one of murderous revenge.) Once its task is completed, however, the hold its master had is broken, and the bloody bones regains its free will. Since it was brought to life to cause terror, it continues in this vein once freed.

A free-willed bloody bones sows mayhem, terror, and discord, delighting in the fear its visage causes. Its favorite victims are children, teasing and terrorizing them for weeks and months at a time. To enhance the fear caused, the bloody bones allows its prey to catch fleeting glimpses every few days, appearing at a distance or at a window. It may torment a cherished pet, threaten to harm the child's parents, or commit acts of deranged mayhem that only the "chosen" child witnesses. Sightings of a bloody bones is usually attributed by children to "the boogeyman," which is another of the bloody bones' many other identifiers. Since it keeps itself well-hidden during this tortuous time, players may have to set a trap of sorts to bring the roaming bloody bones out into the open.

A bloody bones attacks through the use of its bony claws and teeth, savagely biting and rending its victim (treat as armed combat). A bloody bones takes normal Stamina and Wound damage from physical attacks. Once it has been taken to zero Wounds, the bloody bones collapses in a bloody heap to the ground. The creature will reform in 1 hour unless its bones are sprinkled with holy water to purge the blasphemous magicks that initially formed the thing.

Monday, October 5, 2015

[Cryptworld] "Creepy Comic Conversion" Issue 1 Now Available -- New Horror RPG Zine

I love horror comix, especially the long-forgotten ones that have entered the public domain. As a way to bring these amazing terror tales back to life, I’ve grabbed one at random and converted one of the stories as a mini-Cryptworld adventure. In this full-color 20-page zine, you first read the short comic story, then the back-half is that same tale now fleshed out and statted up for an evening’s gaming.

So here is Issue 1 of the "Creepy Comic Conversion" series featuring "The Case Of The Painted Beast" from Eerie Number 3 (1951):

In "The Case Of The Painted Beast", a prize-winning piece of artwork has been irreplaceably damaged, and the badly-injured night watchman claims the vandal wasn't human! Was the assault and destruction caused by a disgruntled losing artist? Or is there something more nefarious – and deadly – stalking the contest judges?

Issue 1 of the "Creepy Comic Conversion" series is now available in PDF at Drive Through RPG, and in a print-on-demand format at MagCloud. I'll also have copies available at Con of the Cob and U-Con Gaming Convention this fall, so be sure to look for them. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

[Cryptworld] The Month Of Things: Carnivorous Swarm

An Insectoid Threat  for Cryptworld

STR: 4 (60) --- WPR: NA
AGL: 3 (45) --- PCN: 3 (45)
STA: 4 (60) --- PWR: NA
ATT: 1/53% --- WND: 0*
MV:  L 100   F 200 (if applicable)

Experience: 750

A carnivorous swarm is a massive collection of flesh-eating insects driven into a berserk feeding frenzy. A carnivorous swarm can be triggered by any number of factors: exposure to mutagenic toxins or radiation, control by some nefarious outside force, or simply "nature runs amok".  Fortunately, a carnivorous swarm isn't an intelligent force, as the mass moves upon insectile instinct alone. However, due to the nature of the threat, the carnivorous swarm is very difficult to escape or hide from -- and deadly if it engulfs its prey.

The CM should first roll 1d10 to determine what insect makes up the carnivorous swarm. (* denotes flying insects.)

1. Ants
2. Beetles
3. Centipedes
4. Cockroaches
5. Spiders
6. Flies*
7. Locusts*
8. Mantis*
9. Mosquitos*
10. Wasps/Hornets*

Upon first seeing a carnivorous swarm, it will appear as a darkened mass flowing over and engulfing every surface. If the carnivorous swarm is made up of flying insects, it will appear as a quickly moving black cloud. A carnivorous swarm has only one purpose -- to feed upon anything and anyone it encounters. The vermin making up the carnivorous swarm will eat anything -- plant or animal -- swarming over the hapless victim and stripping them down to bones in minutes. (The victim may die quickly of suffocation before being consumed -- if they're lucky.) If a carnivorous swarm is made up of centipedes, spiders, or wasps/hornets, these insects will use their natural poisonous venom to kill their prey. The CM should roll 1d10 to determine the poison lethality of the carnivorous swarm and have the PC roll a poison check upon any successful attack to determine the outcome.

Since the carnivorous swarm is a mass of individual insects, the thing does not take Wound damage from any attack. If a carnivorous swarm is taken to 0 STA, the individual insects making up the swarm will scatter in various directions, losing cohesion and no longer swarming as a mass. A carnivorous swarm takes half-damage from any ranged projectile weapon as well as bladed handheld weapons, and takes full STA damage from any attack made with a bludgeoning weapon, as well as from fire or cold. A land-based carnivorous swarm is unable to cross a body of water, although flying swarms are unaffected. It is left to the CM to determine if the carnivorous swarm takes damage from any water-based attack.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

[Cryptworld] "Monsters Macabre" Now Available For Purchase

"Monsters Macabre" for CRYPTWORLD is now available for purchase!

Monsters Macabre is the new 64-page sourcebook for CRYPTWORLD -- the new Pacesetter horror RPG -- featuring:

* 71 new THINGS that haunt the night
* 10 new unsettling powers
* A complete adventure featuring one of the new creatures
* Rules for monster PCs
* Guidelines for creating your own THINGS
* Optional rules for variable weapon damage
* Tables for generating random monster hunting organizations

"Monsters Macabre" is also compatible with the entire Pacesetter library of games -- both old and new --  including Rotworld, Timemaster, and Majus!

[Cryptworld] October Is "The Month Of Cryptworld THINGs!"

In October, CRYPTWORLD fans, fiends, and minions will enjoy a ton of support for Pacesetter's horror RPG! Here are just a few preliminary peeks at what's rising from the grave in the next 30 days!

** Monsters Macabre -- the new CRYPTWORLD supplement -- will be available for purchase by the general public in October! New things, new rules, and new adventures await inside the 64-page book, which will be available in electronic PDF, paperback, and hardback. Kickstarter supporters and reviewers have great things to say about the newest addition to the CRYPTWORLD line, so be sure to watch for announcements of its availability!

** Every Saturday in October here at The Savage AfterWorld, we'll unveil a deadly new thing ready for use in your horror-fueled CRYPTWORLD campaigns! And with five Saturdays in the month, that means five new cryptids will be unleashed! (And there just may be some"thing" extra crawling out on October 31st!)

** Want to play CRYPTWORLD with me in person? Then sign up for one of my games being run at Ohio's Con on the Cob from October 15-18 and Michigan's U-Con Gaming Convention from November 20-22. The games I'm running throughout the season include:

Condition Critical -- Dr. Howard Eastman has called a press conference at his remote research facility to announce a medical breakthrough that will “eradicate human illness and suffering forever.” But, what if the cure proves to be worse than the disease?
Unquenchable -- Three days ago, a group of hunters failed to return from their annual deer hunt. Your team has been brought in to assist in the search. But there seems to be an undercurrent of unease amongst the searchers. Is there something sinister lurking in the forest?

Wasted -- It's a raucous Saturday night at "Sweet Oblivion," the roadhouse on the outskirts of town. But this night of revelry will turn to horror when Death stops in for a nightcap. Can you survive The Night of The Living Dead (Drunk)?

** And finally, I've been working on a new Pacesetter-related project that will be unveiled in October. No announcements yet, but I'll leave you with this teaser image...