Friday, July 30, 2010

Savage AfterWorld Welcomes Its 10,000th Unique Visitor

Sometime late last night, The Savage AfterWorld was visited by its 10,000th unique visitor. Over the last year since this blog started, 10,000 different people have clicked through these pages. Fairly humbling. Thanks for the support!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Savage Menagerie: Dragonfire

No. Enc.: 2d4 (3d4)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: Fly: 150' (50')
Armor Class: 2
Hit Dice: 4
Attacks: See description
Damage: See description
Save: L2
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: None

The Dragonfire is a large (2' wingspan) mutated dragonfly found in actively volcanic areas as well as geothermic zones such as hot springs and geysers. A Dragonfire has red wingtips and glowing red eyes. The most striking feature is that the Dragonfire has a constant fiery aura, giving it the appearance of being completely engulfed in flames. Due to this blazing outer skin, the Dragonfire is difficult to get close to, giving it a form of natural armor as few attackers wish to get close enough to enter combat with one. Also, the aura gives the Dragonfire a natural immunity to all fire and fire-based attacks.

A Dragonfire does not physically attack a victim by biting or clawing. Rather, the Dragonfire's aura alone is enough to do damage to any who come within 5 feet of one. If a Dragonfire passes close enough to a PC, the character will take 1d10 hit points of damage unless he makes a save vs. energy weapons. Dragonfires are fairly docile, but a curious Dragonfire can inadvertently be a deadly one. And heaven help the PC who has a swarm of Dragonfires descend around him. His clothes could burst into flames. And those grenades in his backpack should be kept cool...

Mutations: fiery aura, natural armor, reflective epidermis (fire)

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Colony Season 2 Premieres July 27

Looks like this season of The Colony will focus more on the "how" of society's collapse, which is "biological outbreak." Not only will the "survivors" need to survive and rebuild a community without electricity, running water, government or outside communication, they will also need to keep themselves safe from the ravages of the viral contaminant that devastated humanity as roving bands of human carriers pose a constant threat. Looking forward to any post-apocalyptic "social experiment" that has the following as one of their press photos for the new season:

Simulated decomposing pandemic victims

The Colony Season 2 premieres July 27 at 10 p.m. on Discovery Channel.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mutated Musings From The Blogosphere

Seems that the blogosphere is alive and well with recent discussions of all things mutated and radioactive. Seeing a few post-apocalyptic posts on warms my heart -- both of them in fact.

Over at Aeons & Augauries, blogmeister JDJarvis has been on a roll this week with a series of posts discussing the hazards of living in the Mutant Future. Brutal Survival in the Mutant Future examines the necessities of life and what happens when you take away things like food, water, shelter, and air. How long can a person last? (Answer: Not too damn long.) He then brings to light Serious Injuries in the Mutant Future and what can happen to a PC if they become maimed or incapacitated. And Heaven help them if they become susceptible to an infection. JDJarvis' most recent post in the same vein is Horrors of Radiation in a Gritty Mutant Future. In a more "realistic" and grittier setting, radiation exposure is something to be avoided and feared. Rather than growing a second head or developing the ability to see through walls, the PC's skin may become paper-like or he could go blind.

Meanwhile, Cyclopeatron over at his self-named blog offers up Why Gamma World Wizards Love Radioactive Cocaine. His vision of a "mutated heavy metal band on tour" is just gonzo enough to make for a wild long-term campaign. He describes different challenges like fighting other rock bands or space aliens, and questing for better instruments, radioactive drugs, mutated groupies, and/or receptive audiences. And when he throws in magic-wielding mutants whose powers are fueled by drug use -- well -- that's a game report I have GOT to read about.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fight On! Issue 9 Is Out (With Post-Apocalyptic Goodness!)

That old-school stalwart fanzine Fight On! is now out with issue 9! Here's the blurb for this exciting issue:
When you're down to your last hit point, your last spell, the last charge on your laser pistol - what now? Fight On! Issue #9 is here, stampeding out of the gate with adventures big and small, a city-state, races, classes, monsters, spells, tricks, traps, tables, rules options, random encounters, NPCs, and a motherlode of mighty miscellaneous mysteries to give your game a boost! Dedicated to Paul Jaquays, this issue features contributions from Jeff Rients, Sang Lee, Tavis Allison, Kelvin Green, Geoffrey McKinney, Patrick Farley, Zak S., Erik Battle, James Quigley, Mark Allen, Jennifer Weigel, Gabor Lux, Peter Schmidt Jensen, Ed Heil, Paul Fini, Raven Daegmorgan, Eric Minton, Allen Varney, Baz Blatt, Geoffrey O. Dale, Jerry Stratton, Chris Robert, Calithena, Jeff Talanian, and many, many more! Don't get caught without the old school's newest resources - order your copy today!
In this issue, there is plenty of material for fans of Mutant Future and the post-apocalyptic genre to gnaw on! Here is just a sample:
  • New Jersey After The “Big Whoops” by Adam Thornton -- This entry in the 2010 One-Page Dungeon Contest won in the "Best Post-Apocalyptic Goodness" category. The radioactive sandbox setting is based on the eastern U.S. coast.
  • Post-Apocalyptic Crafting by Lawson Reilly -- If your PCs would like to try to cobble together something useful from the ruins and debris of the wastelands, this elegant system allows the player to try to craft an item from found objects. Anything from simple devices to lethal weapons are covered, and skilled crafters could even begin a sideline business selling their assembled wares.
  • Artifacts, Adjuncts, & Oddments: Elegant Weapons for a Mutated Age by Lee Barber -- Barber presents us with three "rayguns" for use in post-apocalyptic/space opera games. Will your party find the "Hubley Atomic Disintegrator" useful or dangerous? Can they handle the awesome power of the "Commando Blister Rifle?"

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Apocalypse Tech Report Now Available For Mutant Future!

When your Mutant Future PCs stumble across that cache of Ancient weapons and tech, will you know what they've discovered? When you've exhausted the high-tech gear, artifacts, and technologies in the main rulebook, where do you turn for new ideas encompassing those near-magical devices from days past?

The Apocalypse Tech Report is a new Mutant Future supplement by R Baseel from Classic Diversions that provides additional equipment and new forms of technology - including cybernetics and nanotechnology - for the denizens of the Mutant Future. From the Web site:

Included in this 32-page supplement are 60 technological artifacts from the pre-apocalypse era - including tools, weapons, gadgets, and armor – along with 10 new robots. The cybernetics section introduces guidelines for creating cyborgs characters and equipping cybernetic implants, along with a simple method for using the game mechanics of standard mutations and technological items as the basis for powerful implant features. The nanotechnology section contains rules for nanoviruses, nanoaugmentations, and independent nanocolonies. These microscopic robots can provide enormous technological benefits to those who are knowledgeable enough to use them properly. If mishandled or used for less benevolent purposes, they are capable of destroying entire civilizations.

PCs will get a lot of use out of new devices such as the Hologuise and Needle Pistol. Perhaps they may upgrade themselves with new cybernetic implants, or an injection of nanoaugmenters is what the doctor ordered. There are a lot of keen Ancient artifacts and ideas to mine in this supplement. And at $5.00 for a PDF or $10.00 for a print version, the price is certainly right! The supplement is available at Lulu at the following links:

The Apocalypse Tech Report - PDF downloadable version at Lulu
The Apocalypse Tech Report - Print version available at Lulu

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

[Thundayy] Notorius NPC: Tye, the Swamp Urchin

Greeting for the last time, Mutant Neighbors. Today is our last day together where we meet some of the survivors living in my Mutant Future neighborhood. Today we'll visit the world of Thundarr the Barbarian and meet one of his closest allies. She may not be strong and she may have a smart mouth, but she has something no other person has. Can you say "locomotive"? I'll bet you can. Good for you.
Tye, the Swamp Urchin
3rd Level Pure Human

STR: 9 --- INT: 12
DEX: 8 --- WIL: 15
CON: 10 --- CHA: 14
HPs: 38 --- AC: 9
Mutations: none

Tye is a young human girl who is one of Thundarr's closest friends and allies - although he'd never admit it. She is bull-headed, stubborn, and sharp of tongue. She claims that she's seen "12 summers," making her 12 years old. She has long platinum hair and is usually seen wearing a tattered dress. Thundarr refers to Tye as "the swamp urchin," as that's where she and Thundarr first met - in the swampland that has overtaken the former Texas/Mexico border.

Although she is a child, Tye possesses two resources unique to the World of Thundarr that makes her a very valuable ally.

First of all, Tye owns and runs an ancient steam-driven locomotive throughout the lands. This train consists of a steam engine, two flat cars, and three boxcars. Tye ships goods and supplies for many merchants and dealers throughout the area (for a nominal fee). She also transports passengers and refugees. Since she is the only one who seems to know how to repair and run it, even the most ruthless of villains leave her alone lest those who depend on it rise up in revolt.

Tye's other resource is her long-standing friendship with the Marsh Hulks that roam throughout swamplands. Because Tye has lived in the swamps her entire life, she has developed a relationship with the Marsh Hulk species; she is able to communicate with them, and they view her as one of their own. If Tye is in danger, she can call upon 1d4 Marsh Hulks who will rise out of the watery depths and defend her to the death. Tye will not call upon the Marsh Hulks unless her life is in danger though, as she does not want to abuse this connection with them.

Tye should be portrayed as very worldly and wise beyond her years. But she is still a 12-year-old girl at heart with all of the interests and flightiness that entails. She will lose her temper at the drop of a hat, but she also realizes her importance in the world, giving her a bit of an ego. If Tye is befriended, she'll gladly transport the party anyplace the rail line travels - at a discounted price, of course.

Two bits of real-life trivia: Tye was voiced by Nancy McKeon who went on to play "Jo" on The Facts of Life. And Tye's second appearance in "Last Train to Doomsday" also marks the second appearance of another classic Thundarr character - Gemini the Wizard!

NOTE: This ally was inspired by the episodes "Harvest of Doom" and "Last Train to Doomsday" from the classic Ruby Spears post-apocalyptic cartoon "Thundarr the Barbarian."
Sniderman's note: Hope you found something useful in the visits to Mister Mutant's Neighborhood. Perhaps we'll visit again in the future. Also, due to irregular commitments, I have decided to change the nature of "Thundarr Thursday." I am no longer able to post a weekly Thundarr post, but there is still a lot of material to mine. So I have renamed this series as "Thundayy," as any day with a Thundarr post is now "Thundayy"!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One Year In The Savage AfterWorld

Actually, The Savage AfterWorld launched on June 17, so I'm a bit late with the obligatory anniversary post. But wanted to do something a bit self-indulgent before I forgot. So here - have some cookies, cupcakes, and cakes in honor of TSAW's first year!

Notorious NPC: Merry Eddie, Mutant Human

Hello again Mutant Neighbors. Welcome to the fourth day of our series highlighting some of the survivors living in my Mutant Future neighborhood. I'm sorry I haven't been around for a few weeks. The spidergoat invasion that swept through the area kept me preoccupied, and I missed our little visits. Today, we meet a walking, talking skeleton, only he's not dead. Can you say "transparent flesh?" Very good.
Merry Eddie
5th Level Mutant Human

STR: 15 --- INT: 14
DEX: 18 --- WIL: 14
CON: 10 --- CHA: 10
HPs: 35 --- AC: 2 (0 if nude)
Mutations: chameleon epidermis (limited), reflective epidermis (radiation), intellectual affinity (martial), frailty

Merry Eddie is a rarity in the Mutant Future as he's the only one of his kind associating with society. Eddie is one of a race of mutant humans called "vitossein" which literally means "living bones." The vitossein have developed transparent skin, muscles, and organs, so only their skeletal systems are visible. Because of this (and due to Eddie's high DEX), he has an incredible AC of 2 (and an AC of 0 if he strips off all of his clothes).

Eddie's life in the Mutant Future has not been a happy one despite his jovial jester's costume. Vitossein are very private, withdrawn creatures, refusing to associate with society. However Eddie was captured away from his village by a gang of roving bandits who forced him into slavery. They placed the jester's outfit on him and forced him to be their entertainment - usually for target practice. However, over the years, Eddie learned how to juggle and perform basic feats of acrobatic skill, earning him a reputation as a first-class entertainer. When he later escaped his captors (by slaying them all in their sleep), Eddie realized he had had changed too much and cannot return home. So he now travels the wastelands, entertaining for coins and money, and looking for a place he can one day call home.

As a vitossein, Merry Eddie has their latent martial intellectual affinity. In combat, he receives a +5 bonus to hit as well as a 1d6 bonus to damage. That along with his +2 initiative bonus and his high AC makes Eddie a strong opponent in combat. Ironically, Eddie will avoid combat if possible due to his fraility mutation. Eddie is hypersusceptible to damage. If Eddie takes damage, he receives an extra 2 hit points of damage as well. (This is how his captors we able to keep him in check for so long.)

Eddie has a surprisingly bright and sunny manner in spite of everything he's been through. He doesn't blame society for what his captors did to him, but he is cautious of anyone who is overly friendly (as that's how they were able to capture him). But if Eddie's trust is gained, he will be a stanch ally and valuable travelling companion.

Stop by Thursday and we'll visit another resident of...