Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dangerous Encounter: The New Village

While trading with a junk merchant, the trader mentions in passing that the PCs are “a lot more friendly than the folks in that village to the east.” The PCs should be told that they know there is no “village” to the east – the radiation in that direction would never allow for a permanent settlement. If they mention this fact to the trader (who is not from this area and is unaware of the geography), he will frown and describe the tented village at “the base of the giant chimneys” as well as explaining that everyone in the village wore hooded robes. “Thought they was a church or somethin’,” he’ll say. If anyone examines the trader, they’ll see he suffers from radiation poisoning. (Fortunately, he has one last hemofowl egg with which to cure himself.)

Whether on their own, suggested by the trader, or at the directive of their village leader, the PCs should be prompted to investigate this previously unknown “village.” PCs may be nervous about entering a radiation zone to the east. They should be told that it has been generations since anyone ventured in that direction so the danger is unknown.

Approximately 75 miles into their journey to the east, the PCs will enter a level 4 radiation zone. The zone is unmarked and they should not be told of this fact unless they thought to equip themselves with a Geiger counter, rad tabs, or similar radiation detection devices. (Secretly roll a save vs. radiation for each PC when they enter the zone as well as radiation damage for each failed save. The PCs will take that damage one hour after entering the zone due to radiation sickness.)

Another 30 miles to the east, the PCs will spot the “giant chimneys” the trader mentioned. They are four cooling towers for an Ancient nuclear power facility (long since inactive and fairly safe – the background radiation is caused by fallout from the Ancient wars). At the base of the towers, the party will see a few scattered tents. Hooded figures wander about the village. They also seem to be going in and out of a large building nestled between the towers. If the PCs spy on the village for a while or if they raise an alarm, they’ll discover that this is a base of The Irradiated (MF rulebook, pg. 77).

This Irradiated camp is trying to breach the uranium storage chamber within the Ancient facility. The chamber is very well secured and – with their limited tools and abilities – it will take another 3 months before they finally gain access. However, if allowed to do so, the resulting meltdown will make everything within a 200-mile radius a level 10 radiation zone. The eight members of the Irradiated camp have made gaining access to the life-giving radiation their life’s work, and they will fight to the death anyone who tries to stop them. Six of them are armed with clubs. Two of them are riding Ant Horrors (MF rulebook, pg. 60) and are armed with spears.

The Irradiated (8)
(AL N, MV 120' (40'), AC 7, HD 7, #AT 1, DG 1d4 (club) or 1d6 (spear), SV L3, ML 7, Mutations: reflective epidermis (radiation), unique sense (radiation))

Ant Horrors (2)
(AL N, MV 150' (50'), AC 3, HD 6, #AT 2 bites or 1 tail, DG 2d8/2d8 or 1d10, SV L4, ML 7, Mutations: gigantism, dual headed, toxic weapon, energy ray (radiation), reflective epidermis (radiation))

Once the Irradiated threat has ended, the PCs may investigate the camp. They will find the following scattered throughout the tents: 296 silver pieces, 128 gold pieces, 2 fully charged power cells, and a firestarter cube. If the nuclear facility is rummaged through, the PCs will discover a functioning Geiger counter, 3 rad tabs, and 2 stimshot A.


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