Monday, September 28, 2009

Meet The Slagon (And Maybe Win A Prize Yourself)

Over at the blog RPG Blog II, blogmeister Zach explains how the "Slagon" - his Mutant Future critter creation - was posted at The DM's Sketchpad. The slagon is a frightening combination of slug and dragon, breathing fire and oozing acidic slime. He now challenges other readers of his blog to post their own horrific animal combos in keeping with an earlier post of his on Kitchen Sink Gaming - RPG systems that mash-up genres, settings, powers, and abilities. And Mutant Future fits the bill nicely.

Anyway, here's the link with more info: A Kitchen Sink Contest: Behold the Slagon! (And there's a prize involved for the most creative creature. I've already posted my version of the ravenous bearsharktopus from this blog's very pages.)

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