Tuesday, November 29, 2011

NaGaDeMon / NaNoWriMo Winner! (And What's Next)

At 50,472 words, I officially crossed the finish line of National Novel Writing Month shortly after Thanksgiving. Yay me! And, because I was participating as a Na No Rebel as part of National Game Design Month, I also consider this a "win," as I was able to churn out the following:
  • A Mutant Future “monster manual” with stats and descriptions of over 80 creatures...
  • A compendium of 45 one-night Mutant Future adventures for quick pick-up games or for running at conventions (still need seven more)…
  • An outline of a new RPG to be announced next year...
  • A good start on TWO full-length adventure modules for Mutant Future
  • And fleshed-out outlines for TWO full-length adventure modules for Goblinoid Games' recently acquired Timemaster RPG!
Whew! So, with all of this material now on paper (realistically in electronic ones and zeroes), what's the next step? To actually get some of these laid out, illustrated, and distributed. Zak S, blog-meister of Playing D&D With Porn Stars, inspired me with this post to get something -- anything -- out there into the hands of OSR aficionados. So stay tuned for updates on these projects!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ancient Armory: Crosscut Gauntlet

Weapon: Crosscut Gauntlet
Damage: 2d6
Attacks: 1
Range: --
Weight: 3 lbs.
Battery: Minifusion cell
Charges: Can run for 10 minutes before depleting cell

Crosscut gauntlets were used as both a cutting tool and in close quarters combat. It appears as a wristbrace with a large sharpened rotary saw mechanism attached to the back of the hand. When activated, the blade spins when the fist is clenched. The spinning blades do 2d6 hit points of damage when striking, plus any STR bonuses the user may have. The Crosscut (also called a "Reaver") is particularly useful as a normal saw and can be used to cut through obstacles and debris in the user's way. The saw will run for 10 minutes before depleting its minifusion cell.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Notorius NPC: Joey Gills

Hello Mutant Neighbors. Welcome to the final day of our series highlighting some of the survivors living in my Mutant Future neighborhood. Today's neighbor thinks of himself as a powerful crime lord with designs of controlling the region's black market. Can you say "sadly incompetent?" Sure you can!

Joey Gills
3rd Level Mutant Human

STR: 9 --- INT: 7
DEX: 6 --- WIL: 15
CON: 11 --- CHA: 9
HPs: 37 --- AC: 8
Mutations: water breathing, shriek, teleport

Joey Gills is a short, squat mutant human with a fish-like face and delusions of grandeur. Taking his inspiration from old holovids of "Goodfellas," "The Sopranos,"and "The Jersey Shore" (as well as a few Dick Tracy comic strips), Joey Gills has begun setting himself up as the leading crime lord for the city he resides in. However, Joey Gills is neither smart nor strong, is a coward when confronted, and can't formulate a plan to save his life. He runs a small black market operation, trading and dealing in weapons and contraband. However, most of the weapons he has are either junk or underpowered, and his "contraband" are whatever scraps and bits he salvages from ruins and steals from the unwary.

Joey Gills is weak in a fight, receiving a -1 to hit penalty when using a ranged weapon. Most of his wares are misidentified because of his -5% Technology Roll penalty when figuring out devices. However, he does have a fairly strong WIL, as his ego and self-delusion carries him through most social situations. Joey Gills may have two or three "henchmen" that follow him and do his bidding, but they will be even less intelligent and more cowardly than Joey Gills.

As a mutant fish-like being, Joey Gills is able to breath underwater through his water breathing mutation, staying underwater indefinitely. He uses this ability to escape when needed. Joey Gills can also release a piercing shriek if cornered, allowing him time to escape during the confusion. Joey Gills also has the ability to teleport, but because he is cowardly, he only uses it to escape to a well-hidden hideout rather than for any other kind of travel. In other words, Joey Gills uses all of his mutations only to runaway when the going gets tough.

Joey Gills is horrible with names, so he has the habit of giving nicknames to everyone he meets, calling everyone "Joey Something." A mutant plant may be "Joey Greenleaves" or a dual-headed mutant would be "Joey Two-face." Two other speech patterns Joey Gills has is that he talks about himself in the third-person all of the time. He also patterns his speech after Ancient mobsters and wiseguys, speaking with a cliched New Jersey accent. ("Yeah, Joey Gills ain't likin' dis at all. Youze guys better watch it, that's all Joey Gills gotta say 'bout dat.")

Joey Gills will work with the PCs if he feels there's a profit to be made or if it will bolster his reputation. He may have inside info on criminal dealings in the area as well as connections in the underworld (who view him as worthless and laughable). Joey Gills will not befriend the PCs as they aren't worthy to be members of his "crew," but he may be useful as an informant as well as a weapons supplier -- if the PCs aren't too choosy and if they can give him something he wants. Threats don't really work on Joey Gills, as he'll teleport out of the area the second he fells he's in danger. But buttering him up and stroking his ego will work wonders. "Youze guyz are all right. What can Joey Gills do fer youz?"

Hope you enjoyed this visit to...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Notorious NPC: Splinterthorn

Hello again Mutant Neighbors. Welcome to the third day of our series highlighting some of the survivors living in my Mutant Future neighborhood. Today's neighbor actually resides far from here in a briar-strewn valley where he plots to one day rule over a world without animal life of any kind. Can you say "extinction-level event?" Sure you can!

9th Level Mutant Plant

STR: 18 --- INT: 10
DEX: 9 --- WIL: 20
CON: 16 --- CHA: 7
HPs: 85 --- AC: 6
Mutations: projectile thorns, abnormal size (12 feet tall), regenerative capability

Splinterthorn is a 12-foot tall tree-like mutant plant composed of hardened saplings and thorn-laden vines. When he's not moving, he appears to be a leafless dead tree. Some unobservant folks could walk right past Splinterthorn without knowing he was "alive" in the truest sense. This would be very dangerous though as Splinterthorn hates all animal and humanoid life and he would not hesitate to attack.

Due to Splinterthorn's abnormal size, he receives a +3 to hit bonus in combat as well as a +2d6 crushing damage bonus with hand-to-hand weapons. Splinterthorn can also fire out a salvo of fist-sized projectile thorns that do 1d8 hit points of damage to the victim. Splinterthorn's regenerative capability allows him to heal 10 extra points of day as well as grow back missing limbs and extremities over time. He is large, powerful, and difficult to harm.

If examined closely, observant PCs will see that Splinterthorn's outer bark is covered with charred and blackened areas. Decades ago, the mutant plant was caught in a sweeping wildfire carelessly started by a neglected campfire. His rage at having nearly died at the hands of humanoids fueled his hatred of all animal lifeforms. Splinterthorn now views all creatures as nothing more than the slaughterers and oppressors of plantdom. Humans and mutants cultivate, cut, burn, consume, and harvest plants. Animals feed on them. Even caretakers and farmers who tend to plants and gardens are viewed as nothing more than horticultural slavemasters. Splinterthorn would like nothing more than eliminate all forms of animal life from the planet -- which is his longterm goal.

Splinterthorn resides in a hard-to-reach valley known as The Devil's Greenhouse. This valley is overgrown with briars, thorns, poisonous plants, and dangerous flora. It is said no animal life can survive in this inhospitable jungle. It is here that Splinterthorn hides, gathering information and supplies needed to carry out his plan of world domination by plantlife via the extinction of humans, mutants, fauna, waterlife, and avians.

Fairly tales and bedtime stories of Splinterthorn's tragic past and his plans for revenge have been passed down amongst generations of mutant plants over the years. Most consider these stories as folklore and fairy tales. But these "fairy tales" are more real than anyone realizes, and Splinterthorn is mere months away from enacting his extinction-level event.

Stop by later and we'll visit another resident of...

NaGaDeMon Midway Status Update

Just reporting in with a status report on this year's NaGa DeMon project. Thus far, I’ve cranked out/compiled well over 30,000 words towards these projects:
  • A “monster manual” with stats and descriptions of over 80 creatures for Mutant Future...
  • A compendium of 32 one-night adventures for quick pick-up games or for running at conventions (Aiming for 52)…
  • A two full-length adventure modules for Mutant Future…
With this one-month drive, I’m finally getting some real progress accomplished on a myriad of projects I’ve been trying to motivate myself to write. With luck, I’ll have the rough drafts of everything ready by month’s end, with the winter months spent editing, laying out, illustrating, and producing with releases (finally) planned for spring. Will be contacting playtesters, proofreaders, and artists sometime in December.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Notorius NPC: Hazardous Matthew (HazMatt)

Good afternoon Mutant Neighbors. Welcome to the second day of our series highlighting some of the survivors living in my Mutant Future neighborhood. Today I'll introduce you to a man who is literally "untouchable." Can you say "environmental isolation?" I'll bet you can. Sure.

Hazardous Matthew
4th Level Pure Human

STR: 10 --- INT: 12
DEX: 16 --- WIL: 18
CON: 11 --- CHA: 13
HPs: 76 --- AC: 2
Mutations: none

Hazardous Matthew ("HazMatt" to his friends) is a pure human who makes a living in the Mutant Future by exploring and scavenging in places others fear to tread. Although HazMatt is of average build and intelligence, he has one thing others in the wastelands do not have -- a very powerful experimental suit of Environmental Armor.

Matt discovered the flexible yellow suit during an expedition to an Ancient research facility. After donning the suit (so he could safely explore the facility's highly toxic radioactive areas), Matt discovered that the suit was actually a powerful set of experimental Environmental Armor. rather than the usual bulky plates and stiff plexisteel mesh, the armor was made of a highly resistant ballistic nylon treated with a special mixture long-forgotten to the ages. This armor effectively protects Matt against radiation through class 6, most known poisons and toxins, as well as other hazardous environments. He is impervious to heat and cold attacks. Additionally, the suit functions underwater, in a vacuum, and in most other deadly environs. The suit also has an air recirculator, waste disposal, and endless nutrient supply. The wearer can stay in the suit without adverse effect indefinitely. Which is good, because Matt hasn't been able to figure out how to remove the suit in more than 5 years.

The suit Matt wears was specifically designed for long-term deep space exploration. The wearer was to be sealed into the suit prior to departure and to keep the suit from being accidentally breached, a timing mechanism was installed which will open the suit in 10 years' time. (So Matt has another 5 years to go, unbeknownst to him.)

Matt (as "HazMatt") eventually figured out the strength of the suit's protection, and he now hires himself out as a soldier of fortune...the ultimate scavenger...the man who can go places others cannot. He can explore places too dangerous for even the hardiest of mutants. And the armor (along with his high DEX) makes him difficult to injure. His nickname is "The Untouchable One." Many have tried to remove the suit for their own usage, but all have failed. Those who tried to harm HazMatt have failed. Matt enjoys the reputation he has garnered, and he has come to accept and enjoy the all-encompassing protection the suit offers.

Stop by later and we'll visit another resident of...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Notorius NPC: The Grim Ripper

Hello Mutant Neighbors. Welcome to another series of blog posts highlighting some of the survivors living in my Mutant Future neighborhood. Today, we meet a voiceless mountain of a man who likes nothing more than to terrorize weaker folks with a set of very special weapons. Can you say "chainsaw nunchucks?" Very good.
The Grim Ripper
7th Level Pure Human

STR: 20 --- INT: 11
DEX: 18 --- WIL: 10
CON: 17 --- CHA: 9
HPs: 72 --- AC: 5
Mutations: none

The ultimate "muscle" in the Mutant Future, The Grim Ripper is usually found in the employee of a local warlord or baron. Used as an enforcer, The Grim Ripper is nearly 8 feet tall, stocky of build, and wearing a full-face hooded mask.

The Grim Ripper doesn't speak; even if severely injured, he will not make a sound. Some say he had his vocal chords removed, whereas others say his willpower is such that he doesn't feel pain. Either way, The Grim Ripper wordlessly goes about his business of enforcing the will of his employer, whether single-handedly destroying a village and its inhabitants, enforcing the will of his "boss," or competing (and winning) in gladiatorial games for others' amusement.

The Grim Ripper can rip a person from limb-to-limb with his bare hands, and he's pretty competent with an assortment of hand-to-hand weapons. But his preferred method of combat is with a pair of chainsaw nunchucks. Once he sets them whizzing and buzzing around his body, he becomes a frightening limb-severing behemoth. Chainsaw nunchucks do 7d6 hit points of damage if he successfully hits. The Grim Ripper gets a +4 to hit/damage bonus as well as a +2 initiative modifier, so entering into combat with him is a foolhardy and dangerous event.

The Grim Ripper will usually be found standing at the side of his employer, to whom he is mindlessly loyal. Other times, he is seen leading the henchmen forces as a type of general. (Would YOU defy his commands?) He cannot be reasoned or bargained with. It is unknown if The Grim Ripper works for financial gain, a display of power, or if he just enjoys spreading destruction and death for the sake of the chaos and fear he sows.

The Grim Ripper is inspired by similar characters such as The Humungus from "The Road Warrior" or Master Blaster from "Max Max: Beyond Thunderdome."

Stop by later and we'll visit another resident of...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Devastation Drive-In: A New Mutant Future Supplement Available!



...twisted mutated beasts from the worst B-movies come alive!

...in terror as these creatures lurch from the silver screen and into your Mutant Future game!

...in horror as they terrorize your post-apocalyptic wastelands and devastate your players!

Justin Davis, blog-meister of A Field Guide to Doomsday, posted a fantastic series titled "Devastation Drive-In" throughout the month of October wherein he discussed some of the worst B-movies ever to be set to film. He then statted-up the Featured Creature for use in your Mutant Future games. Justin has compiled these abominations into a newly released Mutant Future supplement now available for download at his blog.

Devastation Drive-In is 56 pages long, featuring 21 creatures from some truly horrific films including: Blood Beast, Blood Freak, It's Alive, Octoman, Prophecy, Robot Monster, The Astro-Zombies, Uninvited, and two of my personal favorites, The Stuff and The Incredible Melting Man. The download is free and full of info on these films as well as Mutant Future conversions for each monstrosity.

And remember, Justin will pay for your funeral costs if any reader drops dead of fright while reading the horrific contents of this supplement! MWA-HA-HA-HAAAAAA!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Would You Be Mine, Could You Be Mine, Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Hello once again genetically altered neighbors. It's been a year since our last visit, and in that time, new citizens have moved into my bombed-out neighborhood. Can you say "toxic-dripping evolutionary freaks?" I knew you could. Sure.

Very soon, you'll meet some of my new neighbors here in the Mutant Future. Some of them are good. Some are bad. Some are just trying to scratch out a living here in the blasted wastelands. Can you say "wastelands?" Of course you can. So be sure to stop back, and we'll visit five of my most interesting neighbors as we return once again to...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gimme Five!

...Five followers, that is.

I appreciate each and every one of the 195 folks who have decided to follow this blog over the years, and I humbly thank you for your support. However, I just can't seem to break the 200 follower mark. That next plateau has remained just out of reach for months. It's a personal goal that has remained tantalizingly close, and yet I just can't seem to attract those last 5 folks. So here's my plea:

Since going live in June 2009, I hope I've added some useful material to your games -- whether Mutant Future or something else post-apocalyptic. (Heck, because of the inter-game compatibility, most of the stuff here will also work in games of Labyrinth Lord and similar Ye Olde Fantasy Games.) If you've enjoyed The Savage AfterWorld over the years, but haven't felt the need to click on the little "Join This Site" button to the right, why not take a second and do so today? Heck, if you just stumbled across the site today and you like what you see, do me a favor and sign on the dotted line. Membership is free, and we only accept attractive, successful, intelligent mutants to our ranks. So follow us, and increase your social standing in our apocalyptic community!

EDITED TO ADD: Many thanks to everyone who decided to throw caution to the wind and follow my blog. We hit 200 followers today! Thanks again to everyone!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Savage Menagerie: Skwirm

No. Enc.: 1d6 (2d6)
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 120' (40'); Dig: 90' (30')
Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 8
Attacks: 1 (weapon or constriction
Damage: per weapon/2d6
Save: F4
Morale: 9
Hoard Class: XIV

Skwirm are worms that have developed a hive-like mind, joining together and working in sync to form a roughly humanoid shape with a human-like intelligence. Due to this metaconcert, Skwirm in their humanoid forms can also mentally communicate with each other. Skwirm are incapable of speech and are found in underground locations that are dark, cool, and damp.
Skwirm often disguise themselves in robes or loose-fitting clothes and masks, hiding their true nature from outsiders.

feel that the world is theirs to exploit as their true worm form far outnumber any other creatures on the planet. And because they feed on rotting, decaying plant and animal life, they feel that they are at the top of the food chain and, thus, are the true masters of the Mutant Future. When a Skwirm assembles itself, it has two worm-bundles within its "chest" which act as a dual cerebellum. Mental attacks must succeed twice to be effective against a Skwirm. Also, a Skwirm is coated with a thin dermal poison slime which does 2d6 points of damage to anyone who comes into contact with it. A Skwirm usually attacks using a weapon of some sort, although it can also form its "arms" into two 10'-long rope-like tendrils that can grasp and constrict a victim for 2d6 hit points of damage per round. Skwirm take half-damage from cutting and slicing weapons, as the blade slips easily between the various wriggling worms that make up its body. However a Skwirm takes double damage from heat- and cold-based attacks.

If a Skwirm feels threatened or is severely injured, it will collapse into a pile of individual worms which will then burrow into the earth using its hyperburrowing ability. Although separate, the worms still remain in contact with each other, and they will reform into its Skwirm form within one week, adding new worms to its "body" and effectively healing itself.

There are rumors of Skwirm made up entirely of Rot Grubs (MF rulebook, pg. 93), but this has not been confirmed.

Mutations: metaconcert, hyperburrowing, dermal poison slime, dual cerebellum

Friday, November 4, 2011

Savage Menagerie: Chronophage (Time Eater)

No. Enc.: 1d4 (2d4)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 90' (30'); Flying: 150' (50')
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 4
Attacks: 1 (bite)
Damage: 1d10 plus special
Save: L3
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: None

A Chronophage is a large (1 foot long) locust-like insectoid with large glassy red eyes, sharp teeth, and a hard green shell-like exoskeleton. They are able to fly fairly well due to their complete wing development and their natural armor makes them harder to injure. However, unlike a locust that eats plantlife and crops, the Chronophage devours time.

A Chronophage consumes temporal energies, causing objects and creatures to wither and age as its "future potentiality" is absorbed by the creature. A Chronophage activates its temporal absorption ability in one of two ways. A Chronophage can absorb temporal energy by making constant contact with an object or creature. This "passive" absorption is very slow as the Chronophage may not move while feeding. For every 48 hours a Chronophage feeds in this manner, it will absorb 10d10 years of the object's temporal energy, aging the object in a like manner. It usually does this with inanimate objects or unconscious creatures. Because of this, the area around a Chronophage lair will seem more aged and decrepit as all of the trees and plantlife will be dead and brittle, stone will be crumbling to rubble, ruins will be particularly hazardous, and dusty skeletons of animal life will be found. A few months of exposure will age the area by centuries.

A Chronophage can also feed more directly by latching onto an object with its toothed mouth during combat. Upon a successful bite attack, a PC will need to make a save versus death. Failure means that the Chronophage has absorbed 2d10 years of the victim's temporal energy, aging him by that amount. A lone PC who stumbles into a Chronophage nest may find himself dying of old age within minutes.

If a PC has been aged by a Chronophage, it is suggested that the PC be penalized for extreme aging. If a PC is aged by 30 years, he should roll another save versus death. Failure means that he suffers a catastrophic shock to the system and dies of age-related causes (stroke, heart attack, etc.) This save versus death should then be rolled for every additional 10 years of "aging damage" thereafter. (The ML should determine if a PC simply dies of old age in extreme cases, say, if a Chronophage ages a victim by 60 years or more.) Also, for every 25 years aged, a PC should suffer a -1 penalty to his STR and DEX scores.

Mutations: temporal absorption, complete wing development, natural armor

NOTE: I came up with the concept of a "time eater" as well as the name "chronophage" some time ago. However, when I did a GIS on chronophage, I discovered this critter and the info on the Corpus Clock!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Savage Menagerie: Salvo

No. Enc.: 1d4 (3d4)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 6
Attacks: 1 (
bombardment or bite/rend)
Damage: 4d6 or 2d6/1d6
Save: F3
Morale: 9
Hoard Class: IV

The Salvo is large headless quadruped known for its ability to hurl rocks and gravel at its victims. A Salvo -- also known as a "Bomburst" or "Cannon Creature" -- feeds on stone, preferring granite and marble. It stores the chunks of minerals in a bladder-like appendage at the back of its "throat." When threatened, it spits these deposits out at a high rate of velocity and with deadly accuracy (+2 to hit bonus). Being hit with these projectiles deals 4d6 hit points of damage. A Salvo has only 1d6 of these deposits available to fire at any time, however, entire armies have been decimated when entering a valley lined with hidden Salvo lairs. The crossfire was devastating.

A Salvo can only use its bombardment attack against characters further than 20 feet away. Any who come within that range, the Salvo will attack using its toothed maw and clawed legs, biting for 2d6 and rending for 1d6 hit points of damage.
The hide of a Salvo is rubbery in texture, and it takes only half-damage from any blunt or club-like weapon attack.

When attacking a Salvo with a hand-to-hand weapon, a character must be careful that the creature not grab hold of it. If a PC rolls a natural 1 on such an attack, not only do they miss, the Salvo will swallow their weapon and "fire" it out to a distance of 2d6 x 10 feet away! A Salvo cannot digest metals or certain minerals, so cutting a dead one open has a 20% of yielding precious metals or gemstones per Hoard Class IV.

Mutations: none