Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dangerous Encounter: The Treasure of Dri’in Hill – Part 1

To introduce this encounter, the Mutant Lord should plant the rumor of an Ancient treasure at nearby “Dri’in Hill.” Some suggested ways of planting the seed:
  • One of the characters finds a map pinned to the inside lining of a jacket they scavenge or buy from a trader. This map should show a large X with the words “Dri’in Hill” and “treasure” scribbled to the side.
  • A badly beaten mutant is found lying in a road. He points to a well-hidden path nearby, groans “Dri’in Hill…treasure…” then dies.
  • A defeated brigand or villain tells the PCs that he’ll reveal the location of Dri’in Hill – rumored to have a priceless Ancient treasure – if he’s released.

Once the party’s curiosity is peaked, let them do some research to find the location of Dri’in Hill. Interestingly, the location doesn’t appear on any “formal” maps and even the most well-travelled of scouts or traders have never heard of Dri’in Hill. Only the information originally gleaned (as described above) can give the characters any clue as to the direction of Dri’in Hill or its location. (Although the Mutant Lord may allow for creative use of mutations or other methods to determine appropriate location and direction.)

Once the party reaches the area, have one of them notice an Ancient sign nearly covered in brush and overgrowth. The sign reads “DRI IN” in big red letters and an arrow points to an old road that winds off into the forest. If the sign is examined, the letters “VE” will be found on the ground next to the sign.

If the party follows the sign, the road eventually empties out into a big open overgrown field. There are metal poles sticking out of the ground at regular intervals and at one end of the field stands a large white featureless sign. The most striking thing is the large (40’ high) mound of dirt in the center of the area. A colony of Mants (MF rulebook, pg. 82) has made this Ancient entertainment complex their home, and the party is now looking at a large Mant hill. (Yes, this is “Dri’in Hill.” The reason no one knows of its existence is that it was formed by the colony only a few months ago.)

Wandering around the base of the hill are four Mant drones standing guard. All of the Mants in this colony have the mutations of control light waves and body adjustment. (See page 28 of the MF rulebook for more information on these abilities.) If they see the party, they will attack. However, the rest of the colony is deep within the hill and will not hear any combat, so the PCs shouldn’t worry about reinforcements.

Mants (4) (AL C, MV 120' (40'), AC 5, HD 7, #AT 3 (2 claws, 1 bite), DG 1d8, 1d8, 2d8, SV L9, ML 11, Mutations: control light waves, body adjustment)

Once the Mant guards are dealt with, the PCs are free to examine the area. A small crumbling structure (labeled “SNACK SHACK”) yields nothing of value. The following vehicles are in the lot (caught exposed when the Ancient Wars began) and could be potentially of use to the party:
  • A one-person four-wheeled ATV. Has one broken wire, but that’s the only problem. Everything else looks in working order. Gas tank is ¾ full as well.
  • Motor scooter. Missing its engine, one tire, and its power cell. Frame is badly bent too. Salvageable for parts only.
  • Four-person sedan automobile. All four tires are flat, rims are bent, and the gas tank is crushed. Will run if these parts are replaced.

Once the PCs have looted the area, there are two choices: leave the area or venture into the Mant hill itself in search of The Treasure of Dri’in Hill…

(End of Part 1)

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