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Dangerous Encounter: Assault On Hanger 18

To start off on this encounter, the PCs should hear rumors of a huge Bygone stockpile of technological artifacts. The Mutant Lord can have them discover a map on a dead mutant, hear tales spun by an insane wasteland wanderer, or perhaps they're given the information as a reward for another mission they've completed. Regardless of how the information is introduced, the location of the stockpile is in a remote section of the badlands where the fallout from The Final Wars was particularly destructive. No one dares to go there as the background radiation is a constant hazard (class 3 radiation exposure), and the creatures that lurk in the area are quite dangerous. (The Mutant Lord should use the Radioactive listing on the Monster Encounter Table (MF rules, page 104) for any Wandering Monsters encountered.)

When the PCs arrive at the location of the stockpile, they should find a large Bygone complex surrounded by the remnants of a rusted, twisted security fence. There are long, wide strips of broken pavement criss-crossing the area, and several destroyed Bygone air vehicles are scattered over the complex. At one time, this was a military airfield that was one of the first places blasted into ruin during the Apocalygeddon. In the center of the complex stands a large Bygone aircraft hanger that's in surprisingly good condition after all this time. On the side of the hanger is stenciled a large number "18." What the PCs don't know (and the players might not be aware of) is that Hanger 18 is rumored to be the final storehouse for an alien ship that crashed in 1947 near Roswell, NM. Here, those rumors are true. And after all these years, the original owners have returned to reclaim their craft.

As the PCs approach, they should see a humanoid shadow standing in one of the doorways of the facility, acting as a lookout. This is one of  several Ligreemen who recently left their long-buried status chambers and are now working to repair the damaged craft. Unless the PCs were approaching at night or were cautious, the lookout takes a cube from its belt, tosses it at the PCs, then rushes into the hanger and slams the door shut. The cube flashes brightly when it strikes the ground, and three light-based humanoid figures blaze into existence. These creatures are Luminions -- guardian creatures formed out of pure light-energy. They each teleport next to a PC and begin their attack.

Luminions (3) (AL N, MV 120' (40'), AC 4, HD 6, #AT 1, DG 5d6, SV L3, ML 12, mutations: teleport (special), energy ray)

When a Luminion is defeated, it "winks" out of existence, returning to the Luminion Cube on the ground. If the PCs are able to defeat the glowing guardians, they can reclaim the Luminion Cube as an artifact of their own. (Whether they can get it to work or make the Luminions obey their commands is left to the Mutant Lord.)

Inside the hanger, the scout has informed five other Ligreemen that there are intruders outside the structure who seem intent on gaining entrance. The damaged craft will be repaired in another 60 minutes at which time the aliens plan to escape this primitive rock. (Though they may first blast a few nearby villages and Brain Lasher lairs to tiny vaporized bits.) Two of the Ligreemen will continue the repairs while the other four take up positions just inside the door, brandishing their Mk 1 Laser Pistols.

Ligreemen (6)
 (AL C, MV 120' (40'), AC 6, HD 7, #AT 1 (laser pistol), DG 5d6, SV L4, ML 10, mutations: telepathic communication)

If the PCs wait outside the hanger for the full hour, the Ligreemen "mechanics" will telepathically call their brethren to the craft, they'll silently enter, and with a CRASH, the saucer-shaped vehicle will explode through the roof of the hanger and into the distance. The PCs will see the destruction caused by the UFO and will hear horrific tales of destruction for years to come.

If they manage to storm the hanger and defeat the Ligreemen before the hour is up, they'll see a large saucer-shaped craft sitting in the center of the hanger and piles of various alien tech on the floor nearby. However, the Ligreemen have booby-trapped the UFO, which will explode 2 minutes after the last Ligreeman has fallen. (Each alien possessed a type of "dead man's switch" that was to activate when no Ligreemen lifesigns are detected.) The Mutant Lord should start a 2 minute countdown the moment the last Ligreeman falls.

Before the explosion, the PCs have access to all manner of technological wonders (for a short time anyway). Each Ligreeman is armed with a Mk1 Laser Pistol, and the following devices are nearby: two Geiger counters, a motion detector, a pair of X-ray goggles, a plasma rifle (no charges left), and three suits of ballistic nylon (AC 5). Allow the PCs to take stock of what's there, gathering up and inspecting what was left behind. At T-minus-30 seconds, there should be a flashing red light filling the interior of the saucer craft, getting brighter with each passing second. At T-minus-10 seconds, each red flash should be joined by a piercing BEEP as the UFO's fusion reactor begins to reach critical levels. At 0, the ship explodes, destroying itself, leveling the hanger, destroying all artifacts remaining behind, and doing 1d100 to each PC within 100 yards of ground zero. Anything the PCs managed to salvage is theirs to keep.

And if the Mutant Lord allows them to stop the countdown and explosion, go ahead and reward them with their very own UFO. However, if anyone pushes a button or flips a switch, have the craft launch straight up out of the building, out of the atmosphere, past the moon, and out of the solar system. (This could be the start of a new Starships & Spacemen campaign for your players!)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Savage Menagerie: Snot Otter

No. Enc.: 1d4 (1d6)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: Swim: 150' (80')
Armor Class: 8
Hit Dice: 3
Attacks: 1 (bite)
Damage: 1d6
Save: L2
Morale: 7
Hoard Class: None

Although it looks like a large aquatic lizard or salamander, the Snot Otter is actually a hairless air-breathing mammal that lives in and near shallow fresh water areas, such as lakes, ponds, and streams. The Snot Otter prefers to dwell underwater, only surfacing to breathe only every 4 hours. The Snot Otter averages 2 feet in length and is covered in grey-green skin to better camouflage itself in the murky waters. But even if a predator discovers a Snot Otter, it would be safer avoiding it altogether.

The Snot Otter gets its name from the thin sheen of slick mucus that coats its skin -- in actuality, the creature is coated with a thin layer of Green Slime (MF rules, page 75). Somehow, the Snot Otter's skin has developed an immunity to the flesh-dissolving nature of Green Slime over the years and a symbiotic relationship has formed. However, the Green Slime covering a Snot Otter is still lethal to everyone else. Contact with a Snot Otter's slime-covered skin will spread a small patch of Green Slime onto a victim. This small patch takes 10 rounds to fully grow and engulf a victim, who will be dead and dissolved another 1d4 rounds later. Fire can burn off a patch of Green Slime, although the victim will also take fire damage. A Snot Otter can also bite for 1d6 hit points of damage (though this attack seems tame in comparison).

If a Snot Otter is safely caught and the Green Slime coating is (somehow) removed, the Otter's skin can be harvested and used to created a Green-Slime-proof leather. Some wasteland survivors have made moccasins and gloves out of Snot Otter skin for use in Green Slime-infested areas to avoid a hideous death.

Mutations: dermal poison slime (green slime coating)

NOTE: In case anyone was curious, this creature is loosely based on a real animal (the hellbender salamander) and it IS nicknamed "the snot otter"!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Dangerous Encounter: The Oracle

While travelling a well-used Bygone road, the PCs will encounter a small caravan of three wagons pulled by teams of rabboxen (MF rules, pg. 91). "Calvoin" is the wagonmaster of the caravan, and he explains to the PCs that they're on their way to visit The Oracle -- a mystic seer who has the wisdom of the Bygones at hand. They are on a pilgrimage to meet The Oracle and have brought tribute for her (fruit, dried meats, and some Bygone canned foods) in hopes that she may impart some wisdom to them.

Calvoin offers to hire the PCs to act as guards for the caravan as they've had no end of trouble from bandits and mutants along the way. He offers the PCs 15 gold pieces each to accompany the caravan for the next 24 hours -- the time it will take to reach The Oracle's temple. He also hints that The Oracle may be able to answer any questions the PCs have about anything or anyone. (If the PCs are currently on an unrelated quest, the Mutant Lord is encouraged to hint that The Oracle may be able to provide vital information pertinent to their search.) If the PCs agree to act as guards for the caravan, it will take 24 hours to reach The Oracle. The Mutant Lord should roll for a Random Wilderness Encounter for every 4 hours of travel (1 on 1d6). If anything is encountered, roll on the Monster Encounter Table / Grassland (MF riles, pg. 105) to determine what creature was met, then play out the encounter.

The PCs and Calvoin's caravan will eventually come to a Bygone structure with a small encampment of pilgrims surrounding it. The building is ringed by a shabby make-shift fence, with a single gate that leads to the front steps and entrance to the building. If the PCs can read Bygone languages, they see a damaged sign above the entrance that reads "LIBRARY." Around the inside perimeter of the fence are several large brutish-looking humans with formidable-looking rifles. These are The Oracle's guards, who patrol the area to keep the riff-raff out and away from the building. They are blindly loyal to The Oracle, as will become clear in a moment.

Guards (6) (AL N, MV 120' (40'), AC 7, HD as CON, #AT 1 (rifle), DG 1d12, SV L1, ML 12, mutations: none)

The pilgrims stand quietly at the gate, awaiting The Oracle, who steps out precisely at noon. She silently stands on the steps holding a large Bygone book under one arm, while the guards open the gates and place a large wooden crate in front of the pilgrims who eagerly proceed to fill it with food, gold, trinkets, and any valuables they have. The Oracle watches silently as they offer their tribute, then she walks down the stairs toward the people while two guards carry the offering away. The other guards step forward to watch over and protect The Oracle. She holds the book aloft.

"Today, the Bygones have decreed that I shall answer only one question. Who shall ask it?"

One pilgrim steps forward, an older man who seems agitated. "Yeah, I have a question!" he shouts angrily. "When will you end this deception, you fraud?"

The PCs see the pilgrims gasp and back away from the man, who points an accusing finger. Allow them to position themselves as the confrontation unfolds. (They could be the only ones standing between the pilgrims and a slaughter at the hands of The Oracle's guards!)

"I am a scribe who came here to seek Bygone wisdom, but you keep it locked away behind your fences and guards. You ration out Bygone wisdom from those books, and only if visitors bring you tribute!"

The Oracle sneers at the scribe. "I am the only one worthy of the knowledge from this, 'The Book of Bygone Wisdom!'" She holds the book aloft.

The scribe laughs. "That book's title says 'Chilton Automotive Repair Manual!' This proves my point! The Oracle cannot read!" The pilgrims begin to grumble amongst themselves that they may have been duped by the charlatan for many months. The guards look at The Oracle who frowns angrily. She looks at each guard in turn, and observant PCs may see the color of her eyes shifting and warping as she makes eye contact with each one. Each guard then brings his weapon down to bear on the old scribe while The Oracle turns and flees up the stairs and into the library.

The Oracle is a mutant human who has the mutation of empathy. She discovered the library many months ago, and set herself up as the de facto "Voice of the Bygones." She first used her empathy mutation on six of the largest men in the area (her "guards") to ensure their loyalty and blind obedience. It's true that The Oracle cannot read Bygone languages, but then again, neither can her many visitors. She has been extorting tribute from the pilgrims, then making up answers to their questions while pretending to read "the words of the Bygones." Her empathy mutation helped instill confidence in the pilgrims in her. But she never expected that someone who could read the texts would come to visit. And now that her game is up, she plans to make her getaway.

The Oracle (Mutant Human) (AL C, MV 120' (40'), AC 6, HD 13, #AT 1 (knife), DG 1d6, SV L5, ML 7, mutations: empathy)

The guards are former villagers from the area, and they will try not to shoot any of the pilgrims. (The empathy mutation won't force them to kill against their will.) But they will hold back the crowd, using their rifles as bludgeons as The Oracle escapes. The PCs are welcome to follow her to try to bring her to justice; to try to bring order back to the angry mob before they hurt each other; or to try to break the empathic hold on the guards. The Oracle is gathering as many valuables as she can while her guards hold back the mob. She will then race through the back of the building, where a horse awaits for her to ride off on. Unless the PCs act quickly, she will get away. (Eventually, the PCs may hear of another oracle offering Bygone knowledge for tribute, but that's an adventure for another day.)

Once The Oracle has left, her hold over the guards will end and they'll come around. The old scribe will find himself placed in the position as the new Oracle (or "Librarian," as he calls himself). This NPC can become a valuable source of research and information for the PCs as well as a good adventure hook for future quests.

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Monsters, Mutants, Time Travelers, And Thundarr Coming To Ohio's Con On The Cob, October 17-20

Okay, Ohio-and-surrounding-states readers, who here is gettin' their shiny wazoo to Hudson in October for Con on the Cob? Yours truly has pulled the trigger and will be in attendance all four days, running the following games for all who wanna sign up! Most of these are classics I've run at other cons, but there's one new adventure I'm premiering:

Mutant Future: Thundarr the Barbarian: Across the Dimensional Divide
Demon Dogs! A dimensional time-rip has appeared near "Indeenapliss." It must be the work of an evil wizard, but who? Join Thundarr, Ookla, and Princess Ariel as they try to save the world of 3994 AD!

Mutant Future: Dead In The Water
Mindless, water-logged abominations have been coming ashore, attacking fishing villages along the coast of The Rainbow Sea and dragging their victims off to a watery doom. Can a ragtag party of post-apocalyptic miscreants discover the answers on the Island of Fire?

Timemaster: The Day The Sky Fell
It’s 1979 and Topeka, Kansas, has been burned off the face of the Earth. Surviving victims claim they saw the Sun itself cut a path of destruction through the city, killing tens of thousands. Tensions between the U.S. and USSR have never been higher, and World War III is imminent unless Time Corps agents can determine what happened and stop it before it ever occurred.

Cryptworld: Condition Critical
Dr. Howard Eastman has called a press conference at his remote research facility to announce a medical breakthrough that will “eradicate human illness and suffering forever.” But what if the cure proves to be worse than the disease?

And Dylan Hartwell of Digital Orc fame will be running two of his Labyrinth Lord adventures as well: The Blasphemous Brewery of Pilz and Menagerie of the Ice Lord! (It appears Goblinoid Games / Pacesetter will be well-supported that weekend!) So far, I've signed up to play a quick game of Dungeon! as well as trying my hand at a game of Fiasco. Also, I'll have Hot Rod Freaks with me (which may be scheduled as an official game, time willing) as well as The Resistance and Are You A Werewolf for some potential after-hours casual paranoia-fests

So "folks who live in Ohio and surrounding states," who else is planning to be there this year?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lords Of Light! The Story Of Thundarr The Barbarian -- Documentary On The Creation Of The Show

Sit back, click the link, and watch this fantastic 18-minute documentary on "How Thundarr was developed, designed, and brought to Saturday morning TV."

Monday, August 19, 2013

Milton Bradley's 1980's Mad Max Boardgame AKA "Thunder Road"

I saw an auction on eBay for this boardgame and it brought up all kinds of '80s gaming memories. This simplified "Car Wars" clone was the closest we got to a mainstream, post-apocalyptic, Mad Max boardgame. So who here owned it?

And here's more information at Board Game Geek: Thunder Road by Milton Bradley

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ancient Armory: Flybot


Flybots are miniature surveillance drones used by Bygone armies to spy on their enemies. A Flybot weighs no more than a few grams and can fit easily on the tip of a finger as illustrated here. A Flybot is very simply constructed, consisting of not much more than a simple body holding a micro-Power Clip (15 minutes of power per charge) and a set of insect-like wings. Unless the one being spied upon is actively watching for a micro-drone, the Flybot will be discovered only on a 1 in 6 chance (1d6 roll). Although the Flybot has rudimentary programming, it comes with a Remote Control Unit allowing its controller to "steer" it toward a preferred target. A Flybot has Nerve Web programming, allowing it to sense everything it's exposed to as if it were an organic creature (it sees, hears, smells as if it were "alive," sending its data back to its controller who can both watch/hear it live as well as record the input for future review).  The Flybot's magnetic feet allow it to land on any metallic surface where it can observe undetected. And, if discovered, its Self-destruct System can be triggered, which will "pop" the bot, destroying it and doing 1d6 hit points to anything touching it at the time of the micro-explosion.

Hit Dice: 1 hit point
Frame: Mini-armature
Locomotion: Wings
Manipulators: None
Armor: None (AC 9)
Sensors: Nerve Web
Mental Programming: Programming
Accessories: Remote Control Unit, Magnetic Feet, Self-destruct System
Weaponry: None

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Dangerous Encounter: Well, Well, Well

The PCs are summoned by the town's mayor (or village chieftain, depending on where they are at the time) to meet with the local medicine man. This post-cataclysmic physician asks the party to retrieve a few wineskins of “sweetwater” for his medicine chest. He explains that sweetwater is a naturally occurring liquid -- a heavily mineral-laden water -- that acts as a poison antidote for all poisons of class 7
or lower. For higher level poisons, sweetwater will halve their damaging effects. The curative powers of this substance cannot be stressed enough, as the area is teeming with poisonous insects and creatures.

The medicine man knows of a well where some sweetwater can be retrieved, and he only needs 5 wineskins to refill his supply. After presenting the PCs with the 5 skins they need for transport, he tells them that any additional sweetwater they retrieve is theirs to keep, sell, or whatever they'd like to do with it. The medicine man draws a crude map on a scrap piece of paper, pointing out the paths they need to take to reach the well. He says the well is a simple hole in the ground about 8 feet across covered with a simple wooden lid to keep animals from tumbling in. The well is located in the middle of an open field ringed by some sparse trees, so the party should be able to see trouble approaching while they complete their task. 

The well is simple to find as the map takes the party right to the field about 4 miles away from their starting point. The field is off the path, and a line of trees ring the edges of the field about 200 yards away. The wooden lid can be seen near the center of the field just as described. However, scattered around the well are 6 Giant Carnivorous Flies (MF rules, page 72). They seems to be feeding on the corpse of something (or someone) that got close to the well. 

Giant Carnivorous Flies (6) (AL N, MV 90' (30'), Flying 180' (60'), AC 6, HD 2, #AT 1 (bite), DM 1d8, SV L1, ML 8, mutations: gigantism)

When the party starts to approach, or if anyone fire at them with a ranged weapon, the Carnivorous Flies will fly up and around in random directions, homing in on the party. They'll swoop in for the attack, landing and biting a PC before flying off again to circle around for another attack. Once the flies are dealt with, the PCs can approach the victim and the well.

The well's lid can be lifted by two party members (it's quite heavy). Once lifted, the PCs will find nothing underneath. No hole, no well, just if the lid was laying on the bare ground rather than covering an opening.

The victim is about 30 feet from the well's lid and, unknown to the party, he is laying within a few feet of the actual well. A Giant Trapdoor Spider (MF rules, page 97) happened upon the well's lid and, once it tossed it aside (to where it now rests), the Spider climbed into the well to use as a new lair. As a Trapdoor Spider, the monster wove a new "lid" out of grass, weeds, sticks, and webbing, creating a very well-camouflaged trap for unsuspecting victims.

Giant Trapdoor Spider (12) (AL N, MV 60' (20'), AC 6, HD 3, #AT 1 (bite), DM 2d6/poison, SV L2, ML 8, mutations: gigantism)

Anyone who gets within a few feet of the trapdoor has a 1 in 6 chance of spotting the hidden trap. If they fail the check, the victim will be caught by surprise as the Giant Spider leaps from its hidden lair, grabs the victim, and yanks them down into the well. The Giant Spider will get one free attack and, if it successfully bites the victim, it will do 2d6 hit points of damage and inject a class 12 poison. Failing a save versus poison means death for the victim in 3 turns, and a successful save results in 1d6 hit points of damage. Hopefully the rest of the party saw what happened, otherwise the victim will be all alone and trapped in the confined well with the Giant Spider!

Once the Giant Spider is killed, the party can retrieve the sweetwater from the well. There is enough to fill 8 skins with the substance. If the party investigates the victim, they can see he had been bitten by the Giant Trapdoor Spider, but managed to not be pulled into the well. However, he died from the poisonous bite. The body is carrying 67 silver pieces and 66 gold pieces. He is also armed with a Bygone revolver pistol with 3 shots left. Each will do 1d10 hit points of damage.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm Stuck At Home, So Have Some Free Dice!

Hey gang,

Gen Con is well underway by now, and if I was there, I'd be running a few Mutant Future games right this very minute. But I'm not there, so I'm not runnin' nothin'. I made a conscious decision not to attend this year, but I'm regretting it slightly as I do know I'm missing out on a fun time. To shake off the doldrums a bit, I'm dipping into The Savage AfterWorld's Giveaway Crate and tossing out some goodies to others who can't make it. Ah, here's something...

I have a bunch of custom-made Savage AfterWorld dice that I usually give out at conventions to folks who have signed up to play in one of my Mutant Future games. Since I usually have 6 players per game and I schedule two games, that's 12 dice I give away. So that's what we're doing now. I have a dozen dice to go to 12 visitors. Happy to ship these anywhere in the world, so overseas folks are welcome to grab one. (One per person though.)

To claim one, just reply in a Comment to this thread with an email address where I can contact you for mailing information. Feel free to "de-Spambot" it in any way you wish, ie, name (at) whatever (dot) com or something. (See my email address over there in the right-hand column.)

EDITED TO ADD: OK, we have our (10...11...12.......13?!?) winners! (Fortunately I have one extra to give away to my last "under-the-wire" winner. Thanks for playing, and watch your email for address requests!

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Savage Menagerie: Cranium Crab (AKA Deathcrab)

No. Enc.: 1d4 (1d6)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 90' (30')
Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 1
Attacks: 2 (claws)
Damage: 1d6/1d6
Save: L1
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: None

Cranium Crabs are large hermit crabs who, due to their size, use empty human skulls as their shells. A Cranium Crab is a dull, speckled grey and tan in color, although the bleached white skulls they carry with them stand out in stark contrast. Cranium Crabs are found near large bodies of fresh water, though they can also be located near rivers, lakes, and even ponds. Cranium Crabs are also found in regions where many deaths have occurred, such as battlegrounds, graveyards, ruins of large cities, etc. The creatures have determined that, at such places, there is an ample supply of skulls with which to make their homes. In combat, Cranium Crabs attack with their two claws for 1d6 hit points of damage each.

If a Cranium Crab is in need of a new skull yet cannot locate one laying about, it will make one. A Cranium Crab will wait for a humanoid to pass by. If it sees a victim with an appropriately sized head, the Cranium Crab will trigger its killing sphere mutation. If the mental attack is successful (treat as an attack by a creature with WIL of 7), any creatures within a 25' radius of the Cranium Crab will drop to the ground with only 1 hit point remaining. The victim must also make a save versus stun attacks or be knocked unconscious for 1d10 rounds. Although weakened, the Cranium Crab will approach an unconscious victim and will attack with its claws, usually delivering the final deathblow as the victim lays there. Once the Cranium Crab's strength is back, it will sit on the chest of the corpse and trigger its disintegration mutation. This attack turns the corpse's flesh to dust, leaving behind only a skeleton. The Cranium Crab will then shed its old skull and will move into the new one immediately.

If a band of mutants come across several headless skeletons with empty skulls laying nearby, it's a safe bet they've entered an area Cranium Crabs are frequenting. They'd better hope none of the Cranium Crabs are in need of a new home and lurking nearby...

Mutations: killing sphere, disintegration

Monday, August 12, 2013

Dangerous Encounter: Get Fluffy!

This encounter initially plays upon the PC's sympathies (a child in need), but it can quickly escalate into something much more! The PCs should be in a semi-public area: shopping at a local merchant's booth, enjoying a drink in the village hooch parlor, or just generally looking for something to do during their downtime. Nearby, they should hear the protests of a child shouting, "Stop that! You'll hurt Fluffy! Give him back!"

If the PCs investigate, they'll see a small human child trying to get something back from a group of ruffians involved in a spirited game of "keep away." The human child looks to be about 12 or 13 years old and is seriously outmatched by the bullies who are toying with the child by holding something out of reach and tossing it back and forth as the kid tries to stop them. The bullies are a small band of 6 Suidoids (MF rules, page 99), four-armed pig-men humanoids who are in town and bored. They spied the kid with something interesting and decided to be jerks to pass time during the blisteringly hot afternoon. (Everyone must have a hobby, I suppose, even if that hobby is "being an ass.")

Suidoids (6) (AL N, MV 120' (40'), AC 6, HD 5, #AT 3 (2 clubs, tail), DM 1d6/1d6/1d6, SV L6, ML 6, mutations: aberrant form, increased sense (taste))

As the Suidoids toss the item around, the party will hear the kid nearly frantic with panic as they can see it's a small rabbit-like creature, an Ayteeum -- obviously the kid's pet. (The Suidoids haven't harmed the animal, but the creature is obviously shaken by the way it's being handled.) 

Ayteeum ("Fluffy") (AL N, MV 120' (40'), AC 9, HD 1, #AT 1 (bite), DM 1d4, SV L0, ML 6, mutations: digestive conversion)

The kid ("Jaffy") is a child of the streets, and Fluffy is his beloved companion. (Also, Fluffy is Jaffy's primary source of income as Ayteeums consume carbon and excrete diamonds!) If the PCs step in to put an end to this foolishness, the Suidoids will stand their ground, although it’s obvious that they’re thinking they may have pushed their game too far with the appearance of the party. Jaffy will hold out his hand defiantly and demand the return of Fluffy. The Suidoid with the animal will hold it out, when the Ayteeum -- worked up due to all of the excitement -- excretes a small pile of clear stones. There is a moment as the Suidoids and the PCs realize what Fluffy is and what it just did.

Their greed having kicked in, the Suidoids will then turn tail and flee, Fluffy tucked securely under the arm of the leader.

Jaffy should be panicked, begging the PCs to get his beloved Fluffy back. If the PCs decide to chase the Suidoids, the Mutant Lord should play up the village-wide game of "keep away." The Suidoids know they have a money-making “poop machine” in their possession and will try to escape the village with the animal. But the ML should also play the Suidoids as petty thieves rather than bloodthirsty criminals, so this chase should be played for excitement rather than high stakes. A rooftop chase gives way to crashing through the marketplace. The pig-men will hand off the animal back and forth as they dash through the streets and between buildings. The Suidoids will swing away with their clubs to hinder and slow down the PCs (rather than to injure or maim). Their morale is quite low though, so they'll give up after a while if it appears they can't shake the PCs.

If the PCs return Fluffy to Jaffy, he'll be forever grateful to the party. He'll give them Fluffy's "droppings" from the last three days - diamonds worth 67 gold pieces. He'll also take them to a hidden cage in an nearby back alley where he has two newly born Ayteeums. (Fluffy had babies two weeks ago.) He'll offer the two kits to the party as he must be moving on and doesn't have the ability to care for the creatures. The PCs are welcome to raise the animals as their own if they wish.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Savage Menagerie: Ayteeum

No. Enc.: 1 (1d2)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: 9
Hit Dice: 1
Attacks: 1 (bite)
Damage: 1d4
Save: L0
Morale: 6
Hoard Class: V

The Ayteeum (pronounced ay-TEE-um) is a small furry animal descended from the Bygone species of rabbit. The animal has a fierce look about it due to a set of small horns and some reptilian characteristics (scattered scales, a lizard-like claw replacing one or two feet, a set of slitted eyes, etc.). However, the Ayteeum is an incredibly gentle and docile creature, attacking only when it is threatened or cornered. The creature can bite for 1d4 hit points of damage, but its claws are useless in combat.

The Ayteeum is a very rare creature, seldom found in the wild as it was hunted to near extinction due to its unusual -- and lucrative -- mutation. The Ayteeum lives on a diet of carbon (coal, charcoal, charred wood, etc.). The creature's digestive tract is incredibly efficient, placing consumed materials through intense pressures and heat as it digests. Within 24 hours of eating, the Ayteeum will excrete its droppings, which are in fact pure diamonds. Each "deposit" will consist of 5 to 30 gp (1d6x5) worth of gemstones. Each day, as long as it's well-fed and kept safe, the Ayteeum will produce this bounty. If the creature is stressed out or pressured, it will stop eating and, in turn, stop producing. If caged or confined, the Ayteeum may stop eating (50% chance), so keeping one confined and hidden does not necessarily guarantee a regular "pay day." Best results have been found by treating the creature as a pet with plenty of attention and regular care. However, others may stop at nothing to steal the creature once they find out about its special diet and droppings.

Mutations: efficient carbon-processing digestion

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Savage Menagerie: Tyrannosaurus Tanx

No. Enc.: 1
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 150' (50')
Armor Class: 3
Hit Dice: 16
Attacks: 1 (trample or cannon)
Damage: 4d6 or 6d6
Save: L10
Morale: 12
Hoard Class: None

The Tyrannosaurus Tanx (T. Tanx, for short) is one of the true unexplained mutants found in the blasted lands of the Mutant Future. Is it a revived dinosaur with a cybernetic tank turret fused around its head? Is it a fully robotic creature -- perhaps a Bygone war machine gone rogue? Or did a time-travelling alien bring a prehistoric creature into the post-apocalyptic future with a bit of a weapons "improvement"? In the end, it doesn't matter when this 40-foot-tall behemoth comes charging at you while firing explosive rounds in your direction!

The T. Tanx is a 40-foot-tall, bipedal, reptilian creature. Where a head should be is instead a large talk-like turret with a single cannon barrel protruding from the front. The creature can apparently see and hear just fine, though it's undetermined if it has other sensory organs other than eyes and ears allowing it to do so, or if the creature is equipped with robotic sensors allowing it to function. The creature can attack in one of two ways. It can race forward and crush its prey underfoot for 4d6 hit points of damage. Or it can fire a round from its cannon, doing 6d6 hit points to anyone it hits. The T. Tanx can fire this shell up to 750 feet away. It can fire 6 of these shells a day although it is again unknown how the creature "reloads" each day. The T. Tanx is single-minded of purpose -- it will attack to destroy any target it "sees". And it never loses in these conflicts.

There are many wasteland businessmen (weaponsmiths, robotic tinkerers, animal handlers) who would love to solve the mysteries of the T. Tanx in order to exploit its weaponry for their own gain. However, no one has been able to capture one or bring one down to determine if it's a natural or artificial creature.

Mutations: none (unless "cannon for a head" is a mutation)

NOTE: This creature was inspired by an image I saw on The Only Successful One. I just had to stat it.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Imminent Releases For Majus RPG And Gygax Magazine Issue 2

A few new products are on the horizon that I'm pretty excited about (not Mutant Future-related...sorry). Thought I'd toss up a few shout-outs tonight:

Goblinoid Games has released a new Pacesetter RPG! Written by Michael Curtis, Majus is described as magic noir adventures of supernatural intrigue." Since the dawn of time, various factions have been vying for power in a battle known as the Mehen, and each has its own goals and drives: immortality, ultimate knowledge, power over reality, domination over mankind. It is into this global conflict that the players are thrust. Those who have played WW's Mage, read the exploits of Harry Dresden, or can imagine magic playing a role in a classic film noir have a good idea of the "feel" of Majus. Now then, I was a Kickstarter backer for the game which had a release date of August 2013. And my book arrived in the mail this week. (THAT'S how it's supposed to work, "Other Kickstarters Who Are Weeks, Months, Years Late.")

UPDATE: Majus is now available in PDF format! (Print version available after the Kickstarter backers get their copies.) Click here to go to the Goblinoid Games online shop to get your copy!

The newest issue of Gygax Magazine is at the printers and will be shipped to subscribers next week as well as being for sale at Gen Con! They've released a cover image for issue 2 as well as the Table of Contents for the coming issue:
Tactics in Samurai Battles - Tim Kask
The evolution from wargaming to role-playing - Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.
Hitchhiking in Doctor Who - Jay Libby
Leomund’s Secure Shelter - Len Lakofka
A forgotten grimoire and its curse - Jon Peterson
From one geek to another - Jess Hartley
Building a winning spellbook for Mage Wars - Bryan Pope
Heroes, kings, and champions - Ken St. Andre
The old-school renaissance - Vincent Florio
Weird vibrations - Jeffrey Talanian
The inkubus - Gordon Dritschilo
The hare and the hill giant - Shane Ivey
The Blighted Lands - Luke Gygax
Super-science in fantasy games - Eric Hindley
Dueling through the AGEs - Rodrigo Garcia Carmona
Lost wonders of Caelmarath - Brian Liberge
Full Frontal Nerdity - Aaron Williams
The Order of the Stick - Rich Burlew

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Play A Mechaborg As You Fight Gatorsharks In The Dungeon From A Distant Star!

Hey gang! Seems I've been neglecting the ol' Savage AfterWorld recently, but  other bloggers have swept in to bring us all some nifty-keen sci-fi/post-apocalyptic OSR goodies to play with. Thought I'd take a moment and pass along some of these offerings that would fit perfectly into your Mutant Future campaigns:

Mechaborg - A Race for OSR-based Japanese-themed Future/Postapoc Games
Over at Flaming Oil, blogmeister Neko-kun has created a new player character race that The Mechaborg are people with robotic bodies -- the best of both worlds! Neko has the race's game rules fleshed out as well as a random table to roll on to determine any specialized robotic abilities you have. Although Mutant Future has androids, replicants, and synthetics running around, the Mechaborg gives you another option for adventuring as a robotic wanderer!
is half-man, half-machine, and all-kickass!

The Gatorshark Lunges out of the Septic Swamps
MeanwThey Might Be Gazebos!, they've introduced a new Swords and Wizardry creature that looks like it would be right at home in the post-apocalyptic bogs of the Mutant Future. The Gatorshark looks like a terrifying critter, and it should be easy enough for you to convert its S&W stats to MutFut's. Plus, it appears the Gatorshark was inspired by its upcoming movie "Gatorshark versus Zombie Cheerleaders." (I don't know about you, but I'll be watching that film at some point. I'm a sucker for that kind of cheesy grindhouse flick!)
hile, over at

A Crashed Starship for your Sci-fi Dungeon Crawl
Needles over at the always enlightening Swords and Stitchery blog clued me in on the free Dungeon From a Distant Star available for free on Drive Through RPG. The one-page dungeon crawl takes place in the rusted-out hulk of an old starship that crashed to earth eons ago. However, as they PCs explore, they find the power still works...and something seems to be lurking! This nifty little adventure contains wandering monsters, random tables, and 23 rooms that are easily adaptable for your apocalyptic adventure needs!