Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dangerous Encounter: The Technomancer

At some point during the party's travels, they will probably pick up some Ancient device that they cannot identify nor get to function. Technology rolls are failed and all of their usual experts on Ancient tech will come up clueless. Let them drag around this useless piece of junk for a while. However, just when they're ready to toss it away or sell it to a junk merchant, have them overhear someone mention "The Technomancer."

Apparently, there is a true expert on Ancient technology - vehicles, weapons, electronics, you name it - who could probably identify the PC's device as well as getting it to work. His skills with technology are rumored to border on the near-mystical. He is also said to be a wizard when it comes to building and designing his own technological devices. (The abilities and rumors surrounding this man should be outlandish, but with enough detail that the PCs feel they must investigate.) But no one has ever really seen this man since he's a recluse. This expert supposedly lives in an abandoned tech repair center (an Ancient car garage) somewhere along a long-forgotten stretch of highway. The only thing that folks agree on is that The Technomancer is a "big ol' bear of a man." The party will be pointed in the general direction of the legendary tinkerer and sent on their way.

When the party gets nearer to the location of The Technomancer, they should hear a guttural roar of rage in the distance as well as the sounds of combat. When the PCs arrive, they'll see a 9-foot-tall green giant roaring in fury as he pounds upon the doors of the garage they were sent to. The Goliath (MF rulebook, pg. 73) has several large wounds on its arms and legs, but that's not stopping it from trying to gain entrance into The Technomancer's workshop. Inside the garage, the party will hear the shouts of frightened and angry men (which may strike them as odd considering The Technomancer is supposed to be a recluse).

What the party may (or may not) have figured out is that the Goliath trying to gain entry is The Technomancer. His name is "Rentch" and he was attacked by a band of pure human Brigands (Men, MF rulebook, pg. 83) who were trying to gain access to his advanced weaponry. He was trying to drive them off, but they managed to lock themselves in his workshop. Rentch is concerned that - if he doesn't get them out - they may start pushing buttons or flipping switches on a lot of dangerous items he's got laying around.

Goliath (Rentch) (AL N, MV 90' (30'), AC 5, HD 12, #AT 1 (hand or weapon), DG 1d10 or weapon, SV L4, ML 10, Mutations: gigantism, increased strength, increased stamina)

Inside the garage is a band of 7 Brigands who have realized they are in over their heads. Realizing their short swords and maces are useless, they are now furiously rummaging around, looking for any kind of weapon they can get to defend themselves and end the stand-off with Rentch.

Men, Brigands (7) (AL C, MV 120' (40'), AC 7, HD as CON, #AT 1, DG 1d6 or weapon type, SV L1, ML NA, Mutations: none)

When Rentch initially sees the PCs, he may growl and attack them if there are any pure humans in the party, thinking that they are with the Brigands. Howver, if there are obvious mutants in the party, Rentch may regard them curiously before going back to pounding on the garage. As long as the party doesn't attack him, Rentch will shout out that there are men in his workshop who are trying to steal his devices. It is left to the Mutant Lord as to how this scene plays out.

If you wish for Rentch to have some experimental devices available that the Brigands can use to escape, go right ahead. Perhaps the party can then try to recover those items. If the party is able to get into the garage and subdue the Brigands without further damage to Rentch's workshop, he'll be fairly grateful. There are many adventure hooks that can result from this encounter.

If the party gains Rentch's trust, they will have gained a very valuable asset. Despite Rentch's appearance, he has the equivalent to an 18 INT when it comes to Technology Rolls. He specializes in items of a defensive and/or medical nature and gains a 25% bonus modifier when he's attempting to I.D. or repair such a device. Rentch will NEVER willingly give away any of his tech, but he may have something very rare for sale at a steep price. And he's always willing to tinker with a new bit of tech and will pay the PCs handsomely for anything he's never seen before. (He may also be talked into joining the party on expeditions to Ancient ruins that are known to have Ancient devices.)

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