Friday, February 25, 2011

Post-Apocalyptic Ruined City Map Generator

One creative endeavor I've been frequently seeing on other RPG blog sites are dungeon geomorphs. These nifty little squares can be randomly fitted together in a variety of ways and -BLAM- instant dungeon map ready for delvin' into. But I didn't think the post-apocalyptic genre lent itself to this kind of map generation.

Happily, I was proven very wrong.

Blogmeister Djeryv over at Djeryv's Graveyard has produced a Post-Apocalyptic Ruined City Map Generator using a set of Blasted Earth geomorphs created by Amanda Michaels of the Cartographer's Guild. According to Djeryv, there are 50 geomorphs that can be flipped and rotated, creating about 400 different layouts. Lay them next to each other, you have a ready-made map of an Ancient ruined city. The default size is a 10 by 10 map, but you can grab a screenshot of the dimensions you need for your game. And if you want to use the entire randomly generated map, you have a whole city to explore. Click below for an idea of the scale -- keeping in mind this map is reduced to about 15-20% of its full size.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Massive Manifest Of Malformed Missives

Hi there! Miss me? Sorry for the incredibly light posting history since the beginning of the year. Blah blah reason, blah blah excuse. Let's breath some life back into this radioactive region of the 'Net, shall we?

Even during my downtime, I've been keeping an eye out on Ye Olde Blogosphere, compiling those posts and links that offer something new and exciting for your Mutant Future campaigns. Here are some recent offerings of note:

** You can always count on Dyson Logos' A Character for Every Game to provide something of use to the Ruined Earth survivor. And what better way to trudge the wastelands in style than to be outfitted in a set of Encased IPS Armor? The IPS armor was used by police forces in urban centers to maintain peace, particularly in the years leading up to The End.

** And while outfitted in their shiny new powered exoskeletons, Dyson offers a similarly armored foe: CyberCrabZilla! This armored 8-hit-dice, electricity-blasting behemoth should prove a challenge for your Future Mutants...

** Blogmeister Blair over at Planet Algol has been hard at work on Issue One of his new RPG zine, The Jewel Throne, which will focus on sword and sorcery, weird fantasy, science fantasy, post-apocalyptic, and science fiction gaming. He offers a bit of a sneak-peek at one article in "War...War Never Changes," a selection of Wasteland and Fallout inspired equipment, with a focus on firearms for use with Mutant Future, Gamma World, and other similar games.