Friday, September 4, 2009

Ancient Armory: Armor-It

This spray-on fluid was designed by the military to create quick personal armoring in the battlefield. The chemical compound was originally created for use in protecting the gloss and sheen of vehicle dashboards and upholstery. The mixture was later "tweaked" for wartime applications.

Armor-It comes in a small yellow plastic bottle with a pump-spray handle. The label shows a picture of an armored warrior which may give the party come indication of the content's use. If a common article of clothing is sprayed with Armor-It, the chemicals bind with the material, hardening the fibers and drawing them more tightly together. Any material thus sprayed will increase the AC of that article by +2. (Leather armor goes from an AC 7 to AC5; normal clothing goes from AC9 to AC7; etc.) Armor-It only works on cloth and leather; metal or plastic material will not absorb the bonding agents and thus will not be affected. (The Mutant Lord can determine whether to allow leather/metal hybrids such as studded leather or barded armor to be affected by Armor-It.)

There is usually enough Armor-It in one bottle to chemically treat two large articles of clothing, (i.e. two jackets, two pairs of pants, etc.) or four smaller items (i.e. a pair of boots, a pair of gloves, a baseball cap, etc.). It is left to the Mutant Lord to determine how much material can be treated before the bottle runs empty.


  1. Love the play on a certain automotive product. Very funny!

  2. Very nice!

    Do you treat this as a permanent effect?


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