Wednesday, August 30, 2017

[Cryptworld] "Creepy Comic Conversion" Issue 2 Now Available

After nearly 2 years, it's the return of the Creepy Comic Conversion series for Cryptworld!

I love horror comix, especially the long-forgotten ones that have entered the public domain. As a way to bring these amazing terror tales back to life, I’ve grabbed one at random and converted one of the stories as a mini-Cryptworld adventure. In this full-color 24-page zine, you first read the short comic story, then the back-half is that same tale now fleshed out and statted up for an evening’s gaming.

So here is Issue 2 of the "Creepy Comic Conversion" series featuring "The Fleshless Ones" from Worlds of Fear Number 10 (1953). (Cover from Adventures Into Darkness Number 10 (1953)):

In "The Fleshless Ones", Rookie patrolman Perry Mahoney was recently found dead in his apartment from unknown causes. Earlier in the week, he was acting strange, claiming he was being pursued by horrific living skeletons! Was Mahoney’s death caused by paranoia run rampant, or had he stumbled upon a grisly hidden conspiracy to subvert and control mankind?

Issue 2 of the "Creepy Comic Conversion" series is now available in PDF at Drive Through RPG. I'll also have print copies available at AVL Scarefest this fall, so be sure to look for them.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sketchbook Of Grotesqueries Updated -- Now With 21 THINGS For Cryptworld

(Today's my birthday, but YOU get a present!)

I have updated The Sketchbook of Grotesqueries yet again, and it now contains 21 unique monsters for your Cryptworld campaigns! Bones
Bloody Mary
Carnivorous Swarm
 Diabolic Structure
Mirror Dweller
Screaming Skull
Slender Man
Smiley Face
The Tooth Fairy
White Noise