Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ancient Armory: Press-on Armor Plating

Armor: Press-on Armor Plating
Cost: 200 gp for a full set
Armor Class: 5
Weight: 15 lb. for a full set

When the Ancient Wars erupted, the world become an immediate battleground. Combat exploded anywhere and at anytime. Neighborhoods and cities found themselves on the frontlines overnight. Therefore, it was not uncommon for the armies of the time to immediately draft civilians into military service on the spot. Outfitting these impromptu troops with weapons was fairly easy, but it was difficult (and expensive) to provide combat-ready armored battlesuits. Thus, press-on armor plating was developed.

Press-on armor plates are made out of a duraplastic alloy and are molded for the torso, arms, and legs of a vaguely humanoid character. The plates flex a bit so they can accommodate a skinnier or stouter wearer. The plates have an adhesive coating on the underside that permanently bonds to whatever it is pressed against. The plates were designed to be applied to clothing and/or a weaker armoring material. Once in place, press-on armor plates offer an AC5 level of protection. If applied to a heartier suit of armor, the press-on plates do not increase the level of protection any further. The adhesive is quite unbreakable, so it is inadvisable to apply the plates directly to skin and flesh as it will adhere permanently.

Finding a complete suit of plates is quite rare and should only happen in a military installation or some similar Ancient ruin. More common is to find a random collection of pieces that can be used by the discoverer, i.e., a chest plate, two shin plates, and an upper-arm plate.

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