Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Wicked Weaponry: Bolas

Weapon: Bolas   

Damage: 1d4 plus DC 14 Ref save or be entangled  

Range: 40'/80'/160' (Strength modifier applies to damage at close range only) 

Cost: 2 gp

Description: Bolas is a primitive throwing weapon consisting of two or three heavy stones attached to interconnected cords. The weapon is swung in a circle over the head then released, which then strikes and potentially entangles the target.

If a victim is successfully struck by a bolas, they should make a DC 14 Ref save. If successful, they take 1d4 from the strike of the stones. If the save is unsuccessful, they take damage and then find themselves entangled by the rapidly swirling cords. The target will fall to the ground (AC reduced by -2 while prone) and must spend one action untangling themselves before they can stand and act again.

However, if a crit is rolled by the bolas thrower, the weapon will entangle the victim's neck (as well as taking any crit damage rolled on the appropriate table). The target will choke for 1d4 hit points of additional damage each round until the bolas is removed.

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