Sunday, June 26, 2022

Successful Playtests, New FLGS, And More On Free RPG Day!

Well, Free RPG Day 2022 is in the books and I must say, it was "successfully fun" for Your Friendly Neighborhood Sniderman! Let's recap, shall we?

I road-tripped down to Columbus to check out Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy, a new game store that opened February this year. Always like to check out new places when they open and support those who make a go at supplying us hobbyists with the fuel we need to sate our gaming hunger! The store was surprisingly huge with a lot of various offerings for fans of comics, boardgames, minis, etc. Their RPG selection was a bit thin, mostly 5e, but a surprising number of indy RPGs I never expected to see on a store shelf. I asked about DCC and MCC and the owner was aware of the games, but hadn't yet committed to carrying them yet. (Maybe a few games run by Columbus peeps might help him change his mind, eh?) Anyway, I grabbed the new DCC RPG adventure by Mike Curtis as well as Tiny Epic Dungeons. (I missed the Kickstarter for it, and I'm a sucker for a well-designed solo boardgame.) I also grabbed a t-shirt for the store as I'm a believer in supporting new folks. Sniderman says, "Check 'em out."

Later that day, I ran an online playtest of an upcoming MCC RPG adventure "Into The Glowing Depths", also by Mike. My happy crew of three Seekers ran the adventure through its paces - shaking out the bugs, so to speak. I'm gonna steer clear of any spoilers for now, but I will offer a word of advice: If someone tosses an unidentified artifact at you that's shaped like a small pineapple while saying "Catch!"... Don't catch it. In fact, dive for cover.

Keeping the online playtesting rolling, I ran another MCC RPG playetst for "Rivers of Iron", a 0-level funnel by your truly. Another group of three Seekers (including one new to MCC RPG - Hi Jeremy!) running a ragtag assembly of 12 zeroes were sent on the Rite of Passage. Again, without spoilers, 4 members of the team returned from the arid, magma-encrusted region with artifacts in hand! Success!

Over all, it's been a busy few days for me, but I'm happy to say I had a great time. New store, new adventures, new gaming, new players - everything Free RPG Day encompasses!