Monday, June 27, 2022

Doomlands And Wasteland:1989 -- Gonzo Post-apoc Inspiration

Not only do I enjoy gaming in the post-apocalyptic vein, I enjoy similar entertainment. However, many post-apocalyptic movies and books are very, very dark and depressing. Give me a fun apocalypse! One that's unabashedly gonzo with mutants and fast cars and radioactive fallout and random mayhem and just a soupcon of humor! Presented here are two recent offerings of the gonzo post-apocalyptic genre I think may inspire you at the gaming table:

The Roku streaming device has their own channel, and they've recently been offering original programming. One of their new shows is "Doomlands", an animated show that can be best described as "Cheers in the Wastelands." Danny Doom and his crew drive their mobile bar "The Oasis" across a post-apocalyptic landscape trying to make a living while fighting off raiders, marauders, and mutants. You can watch it either on The Roku Channel on your streaming device or free in your web browser.

As we move from cartoons to comic books, I present to you "Wasteland:1989", one of my new favorites from the folks at Eibon Press. Eibon's usual offerings are gore-splattered comics based on cult horror and sci-fi films. One of their original titles from their "VHS Comics" line is Wasteland:1989", a tribute to the post-nuke wasteland movies of the 1980s. In the nightmare ruins of a future America, Janet of the Apocalypse is out there fighting for survival against the worst the radioactive world has to offer. But is it a dream...or is it real? There have been three nitro-fueled, blood-drenched issues thus far, and I HIGHLY recommend each one of them!

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