Monday, June 20, 2022

Free RPG Day June 25! (Plus Two MCC Playtests This Weekend!)

Hey gang! Free RPG Day is just around the corner on June 25! Be sure to stop into your FLGS, pick up some free goodies, and drop some coin on their stock while you're there. (If you stop in, grab stuff, and don't spend a dime, you're likely to be eaten by a grue.) Click -->here<-- to find a participating retailer near you!

This year's free DCC RPG release is "Danger in the Air", a 0-level funnel by Michael Curtis!

"A gigantic alien creature drifts in the air high above the homes of simple villagers, its transparent skin rife with wounds. The creature hangs in the sky—unmoving, as if slain—and a trickle of coins slowly drops from its ravaged body. What other treasures—and terrors—might this strange visitor from elsewhere possess, and who in the village is brave enough to venture within its otherworldly form?"

The Goodman Games Road Crew also appear to have MCC and DCC games scheduled for in-store play that day, so be sure to check out the Goodman Games Events Page to see what's being played in store that day.

And finally,Your Friendly Neighborhood Sniderman (yours truly) will be running not one, but TWO MCC playtests this weekend online! There are still seats available for both, so from the comfort of your own home, you can play in one of the following!

Saturday, June 25, 5 pm- 9 pm EST: "Into The Glowing Depths", 2nd-level MCC playtest

A most unusual intelligence requires the aid of surface-dwellers to help thwart an invasion of oceanic mutant lifeforms rising up from the depths. A legacy of humanity’s attempt to tame the seas, these creatures have been further changed by the weird radiation and pollution beneath the waves, and they have now set their conquering eyes on the surface world of Terra A.D.! Take a deep breath and hold it as we plunge “Into The Glowing Depths”!

 Sunday, June 26,  11 am - 3 pm EST: "Rivers of Iron", 0-level MCC mini-funnel playtest

“The season is upon us once again to invite those who wish to do so to undertake the Rite of Passage!” The village elder points to a column of smoke rising in the distance from a small mountain peak. “In years past, I have left the direction of the Rite of Passage to the discretion of those who walk the path. This season, I have chosen your path instead. I am curious as to the nature of the smoke we have all seen in recent days. I now task you, while on your Rite of Passage, to determine the nature of this new vision and to inform me of your finding upon your return.”

Free games galore this weekend, so visit your local game store (or find one near you) to enjoy the day!

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