Friday, July 5, 2013

Visit Scenic Planet Motherf*cker -- Your Eyeballs Will Blow Clean Out Of Their Sockets

NOTE: Some words and terms in this post have been censored for those readers who are of a delicate nature and who are easily offended. (You buncha mealy-mouthed sissy-monkeys.)

I've been reading Jack Shear's series of blog posts over at Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque on his new campaign setting called  "Planet Motherf*cker." My jaw has been slack and a long line of drool has been dripping from my bottom lip as I read post after post of pure awesomeness. The setting is reminds me of... Aw, Hell, I can't even do it justice, so I'll let him describe this wild post-apocalyptic setting:

Planet Motherf*cker is an alternate-reality Earth where the worst fears of the Cold War came to pass in 1965—the Year of the Thunderkiss. Some fat-fingered bureaucrat pressed the shiny red button and set off Armageddon. However, instead of resulting in a grim, gritty wasteland where humanity struggles to survive, the atomic fallout instead warped the fabric of reality itself. Planet Motherf*cker has been twisted into a psychoholic grindhouse world where giant ratmen drag race hot rods against murder-minded robots, where lunatic wolfmans square off against brickhouse Amazons, and where living dead girls, doom nuns, and Murican witches command the awesome powers of the bump-n-grind occult. Planet Motherf*cker is ultra-violent, maxi-trashy, supra-lowbrow, and uber-depraved. The characters are larger than life, garishly-hued in technicolor and greasepaint, and the only thing they value is getting lit in the company of a hot piece of ass. Grade Z horror movie monsters prowl the wastelands, and clown gangs rampage through the streets of what used to be called civilization. Fuel up your chainsaw, strap on a shooting iron, and rev your engine—it's gonna get messy out there.

I wanna play in that world BADLY. And I'll bet you do to. Well, now you can 'cause Jack compiled his notes and posts into a system-generic post-apocalyptic sourcebook called -- what else? -- Planet Motherf*cker. Book available at Lulu for $9.99. I have mine on order with plans on bringing some psychobilly rednecks, chainsaw paladins, and rat finks into a small section of my Mutant Future campaign that will be based on every 1960's grindhouse schlock-fest I can recall from my youth. And I plan to review this face-melting tome when it arrives. Stay tuned...