Friday, July 5, 2013

Notorious NPC: Samuel J. Taylor, The Mega-Prez

Samuel J. Taylor, The Mega-Prez
7th Level Pure Human

STR: 20 --- INT: 17
DEX: 9 --- WIL: 19
CON: 18 --- CHA: 21
HPs: 115 --- AC: 7
Mutations: none

Samuel J. Taylor is the unofficially recognized President of the Rejoined States of Mairca. It is his vision and passion to bring the shattered city-states and individual baronies of the post-apocalyptic lands back together as one reunited nation. He is viewed as a king and ruler, although he protests that he is only acting as leader until democratically recognized elections can be implemented -- a process that many take several decades.

The Mega-Prez (as he's called) currently leads the citizens of
"Washdeecee," which, under his rule, has become one of the few growing and thriving cities of the Mutant Future. (Population is nearing 6,000 citizens.) The marble ruins of D.C. has been reassembled into a large city reminiscent of ancient Rome. Clean running water via aqueducts has been established (as well as a working sewer system); roads have been cleared and paved; and other improvements in the social infrastructure have been implemented. All citizens are provided with food, shelter, and safety, and because of this, the citizens of Washdeecee are fanatically loyal to The Mega-Prez.

The Mega-Prez resides in The Great Dome (the former Capitol), and he has formed a team of scholars, advisors, and intellectuals that he refers to "Congress." He has a large volunteer army at his disposal which numbers in the hundreds. Those who meet Taylor find themselves facing an imposing figure of a man. He stands nearly 7 feet tall, rippling with muscles, and decked out in gaudy red, white, and blue costuming. In combat, Taylor gets 2 attacks per round, and a +3 bonus to hit and to damage. He speaks in soft, glowing platitudes, such that he receives a -3 reaction adjustment from those meeting him for the first time, and his followers have a morale of 11. Taylor even has a trained Maircan Iggle that perches on his shoulder or nearby that will swoop in to attack if needed. Taylor is usually well-armed and is not afraid to go right to pointed threats if he, his citizens, or his vision for "Mairca" are threatened.

Although it may seem as if Taylor is running the newly forming nation with an iron fist, he actually is trying to reestablish the tenets and basic philosophy the nation was founded upon. He is a true scholar of the history of the Bygone Days before the Apocalygeddon, reading and researching all of the historical documents he can lay his hands upon. Unlike others who know of the past only through legends, lore, rumors, and tall tales, Taylor actually knows the true history of the U.S. and has made it his goal to return the country to that stage of glory.

The PCs may hear of the Washdeecee during their travels and may decide to see if the rumors are true. Several neighboring warlords and baronies despise the growing "nation" and have been waging war against its borders. Taylor may hire the PCs to do some spying for him. Whether the PCs trust Taylor or believe he some kind of "dictator-in-the-making" is left to the Mutant Lord.

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