Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dangerous Encounter: Up From The Depths

This encounter takes place very close to a coastal region, preferably an ocean or sea. The party will hear the sound of an emergency klaxon horn sounding in the distance. Every 60 seconds, there will be a series of 3 short air horn blasts (ERHNT-ERHNT-ERHNT) as if something is sending out a warning, signaling imminent danger.

If they investigate the siren, they'll find themselves on a high bluff, looking down at an ancient Bygone sailing craft that seems to have run aground in the shallow water. By the looks of the gaping holes on the side of the ship and the rust and decay on every surface, it has been shipwrecked here since long before the days of the Apocalygeddon. But the siren -- mounted on the upper-most mast -- is still sounding off every minute, alerting all within hearing range. (The Mutant Lord should roll for random wandering monsters every other turn (1 in 6) as long as the siren is going off. Use the Monster Encounter Table-Sea on page 105 if an encounter is merited.)

From their current vantage point, the party will see that the siren has already attracted 12 Lobstrosities (MF rules, pg. 81) that are currently circling the shipwrecked hulk. The giant crustaceans are constantly slamming into the side of the ship, as if eager to get to the sound of the noise. If the party decides to attack the Lobstrosities head-on, the ML should keep in mind the bite of the creature inflicts a class 6 poison that causes high fever, weakness, and hallucinations for 8 hours.

Lobstrosities (12) (AL N, MV 30' (10'), AC 8, HD 5, #AT 3 (1 bite, 2 pincers), DM 1d6/1d8/1d8/poison, SV L3, ML 12, mutations: toxic weapon)

The most obvious entrance is through the massive hole in the hull of the ship (which is too high for the Lobstrosities to reach). Flying mutants can glide down and alight on the deck of the ship if they desire. However, those mutants landing on the deck of the ship will expose themselves directly to the ear-piercing peals of the siren. Anyone approaching from this direction will suffer 1d4 hit points of sonic damage and be deafened for 1d6+4 rounds as if exposed to a sonic-based attack.

Once the party members are on board, they'll discover the reason for the siren and the circling Lobstrosities. Six Barracudamen (treat as Fishmen, MF rules, pg. 72) have been exploring the shipwreck that they happened upon earlier in the day. While rummaging around in the wheelhouse, they accidentally reactivated the warning klaxon that sounded the day the ship first ran aground. Because the Barracudamen are earless thus deaf, they were unaware of the noise they were creating as well as being immune to the horn's sound attack.

Barracudamen (6) (AL C, MV 100' (30'), AC 7, HD 7, #AT 1 (bite or weapon), DM 3d6 or as weapon, SV L3, ML 11, mutations: none)

Each Barracudaman can bite for 3d6 hit points of damage, and each is armed with a serrated dagger that does 1d6 hit points of damage. Three of them are also armed with Gauss pistols that do 2d6 hit points of damage.

The Barracudamen are currently investigating the crates in the cargo hold, and they have already amassed a sizable collection of Bygone treasure. The items they've uncovered sits in a big pile in the center of the cargo hold: a suit of plastic plate armor (AC 4), 3 rolls of ion bonding tape, a radiation rifle (6 shots left), an advanced breathing apparatus (2 hours of air remaining), and a K-O shot. They also scavenged the skeletal bodies of the crew and recovered 820 silver pieces (as well as the three Gauss pistols mentioned earlier).

The Barracudamen are incredibly excited about the valuables and artifacts they've happened upon. Bringing all of this back to their underwater city will set them up as kings in the eyes of their people. Because of this, they will fight any interlopers who try to steal their treasure to the death.

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  1. Brilliant encounter that can go from Lovecraftian to slapstick and back again in seconds flat. That's a nasty looking boat though.