Saturday, July 27, 2013

Two New Supplements Released: Jungle Castle Rock Apocalypse & Wisdom From The Wastelands 30

It seems like every time I turn around, something new is being released for our favorite post-apocalyptic RPGs. The newest Wisdom From the Wastelands from Skirmisher Publishing is now out, and a new armageddon sandbox by Dustin Brandt of Fire in the Jungle is now on sale.

Jungle Castle Rock Apocalypse is a system-generic post-apocalypse RPG setting (although stats are geared for OD&D-based games -cough-Mutant Future-cough). This 16-page booklet is described by the author as "more like Ralph Bakshi’s Wizards than Mad Max." The content is a eclectic with tables, charts, maps, creatures, NPCs, locations, and a scenario or two. When the one-page dungeon adventure in the back is titled “Clown Robot Doctor Apocalypse," you KNOW you're in for a treat! The PDF is $2.50 and the print/PDF bundle is only $5.00 at MagCloud.

Wisdom From the Wastelands Issue 30 is “Nanotechnology II” and described as follows: "Nanotechnology has existed since the late 20th century. At first, the tiny machines were used mostly in medicine and genetic manipulation, but technological advances brought wider application. Many of these breakthroughs helped make the Ancients’ lives easier, but others became microscopic dogs of war, let slip to wreak havoc and destruction. This issue features a host of tiny tools and toys you can use to spice your Mutant Future games." This newest issue of the long-running Mutant Future supplement is 99 cents and is available at Drive Through RPG.

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