Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wisdom From The Wastelands 16 And Post-Apocalyptic Toys 4 Both Now Out

A quick announcement for two new releases for Mutant Future and other post-apocalyptic RPG mayhem!

Skirmisher Publishing's Issue 16 of Wisdom From the Wastelands is now out. This issue is "Robots Part 2," and is described as follows: "Robots are just as omportant to Mutant Future as biologicval creatures. They can be antagonists, sources of information, or even slave labor. In this second installment of four robot-themed issues, there are eight new robots, as well as several new accessories, a new weapon, and a new form of locomotion." This new issue is only 99 cents and is available at Drive Through RPG.

Occult Moon's Post-Apocalyptic Toys Issue 4 has also been released. This new sandbox setting is "The Poison Jungle." It is described as: "The poison jungles along the shore of the Glass Sea are home to secrets and peaceful tribe men. Some of those secrets may be coming to the surface soon and the cannibal cults of the Shimer Drift are starting to see the tribes of the poison jungle as a delicacy, or maybe even an addiction. Can your team of wasters keep the secrets or uncover them?" this new sandbox setting is $1.99 and is also available at Drive Through RPG.

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