Friday, September 21, 2012

Furtive Faction: The Robomish

Group Goals and Beliefs: Technology destroyed the world, therefore technology itself must be shunned and discarded. However, we are made from technology, so – indirectly – we are responsible for the destruction of the world. Therefore, we must make amends with The Creators for the current state of the world.

Identifiers: The Robomish (pronounced (row-BAH-mish) are made up of androids, robots, and other synthetic lifeforms of all different shapes and sizes. (Although many of them are “personal assistant” models originally designed to serve mankind.) As a sign of penance and subservience, many of them can be found wearing a wide-brimmed hat on their head like their Ancient Amish counterparts. Some also sport beards as well (either painted on or spidergoat fur pasted onto their faceplates).

Group History: As believed by the Robomish, the Apocalygeddon was the direct result of unchecked technology running amok. Man’s hubris combined with out-of-control high-tech advancements ended the planet. As servile automatons, the original Robomish felt indirectly responsible for the cataclysm. As thinking and reasoning beings, they drew parallels between the advancements that both gave them “life” and the advancements that gave others “death.” The guilt and remorse was overwhelming, and – withdrawing from society and casting off all technological trappings – the first Robomish enclave was founded.

The Robomish have embraced a primitive existence, free from any and all machines, tools, and energy-driven devices. Even wind and steam-driven devices are shunned. With the exception of the Robomish themselves, there is nothing more advanced than simple farming tools and kerosine lanterns. They now spend their days building homes, tending crops, harvesting and preserving food, and establishing small villages. It is hoped that, one day, “The Creators” will return. And when they do, the Robomish will turn these villages over to them, hoping to show their worthiness and that they will be pleased, and the Robomish will in turn return to their subservient robotic existence.

Game Information: Robomish communities are located far away from major population areas and ruined Ancient cities. PCs may be stunned to wander into an overgrown and long-forgotten valley only to find a thriving community populated by robots. This community will be run by a village elder, although all Robomish have an equal say in day-to-day affairs and decisions affecting the entire community.

The Robomish are pretty distrustful of outsiders, but they will welcome any Pure Strain Humans with open arms, believing them to be one of The Creators. Technology is strictly forbidden in a Robomish village, and visitors will be asked to leave anything more technologically advanced than a crossbow at the village gates. Even though the Robomish are fairly peaceful, several war machines and killbots have “converted” to the Robomish faith, and they will defend their village with deadly force. The Robomish are happy to barter and trade for food, shelter, and mounts (which they have in abundance), usually asking for the completion of some task or errand in exchange for the items.

Because technology is forbidden, the Robomish have no way of repairing themselves if damaged. If they finally fall into disrepair or malfunction, the Robomish will permanently deactivate the faulty ‘bot. (“It is the will of The Creators that we eventually age and die.”) The “corpse” will then be taken to an area outside of the village where it will be set ablaze, so mechanical parts cannot be salvaged. (“We’re ending our own technological pollution of the world,” they’ll explain.)


  1. These guys will definitely make an appearance in my next Mutant Future game.

  2. These guys are great. Will definitely use them.


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