Saturday, September 15, 2012

"The Metamorphica: A Book Of Random Mutation Tables" Now Available

How did I not hear about this sooner? Johnstone Metzger of  Red Box Vancouver's Blog has released The Metamorphica, a system-generic collection of 650 mutations organized in a variety of random mutation tables. If you've wanted more mutations for your Mutant Future campaign -- or for any RPG where mutations are inevitable -- this is a mind-bogglingly useful book.

Whether you're running a "top secret government experiment has run amok" campaign; a "superheroes with mutant abilities ala X-Men" campaign; or -- yes -- a "post-apocalyptic freaks of the wastelands" campaign, this book has a subtable for use with your specific RPG genre. All of the mutations within are sub-indexed in a wide variety of tables in the back of the book. If you just want to roll randomly for one or two defects on the "Detrimental Mutations" table, you can do that. Want to roll up a Mutant Plant with psychic powers? That table's in here. A Superhero with animalistic features? A Wasteland Warrior with crippling psychoses? Yup, they're all there. Or you can just pick and choose through the extensive mutations list, adding them to your own homebrewed tables.

Besides being an incredibly thorough resource, Metzger has released this 160-page book for FREE in PDF form. And if you must have a printed perfect-bound book, it'll run you less than $5.00, making this an incredible bargain. Although, if you wish to make a donation to Metzger or if you'd like to read more about the creation of The Metamophica, you can do so  by clicking this link.

The Metamorphica is available for FREE in PDF format at Lulu, and it's only $4.90 in digest-sized, perfect-bound hardcopy at Lulu as well. Sniderman encourages you to grab this book, and he really encourages you to toss some coins at Metzger when you do.


  1. Thank you, sir! You are very kind. I hope my book can bring you lots of good gaming.

  2. Brilliant! I'm going to spread the love.


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