Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monstrous and/or Mutated Mondays Throughout October!

To celebrate the Halloween season, Tim Brannan over at The Other Side Blog is gathering all RPG bloggers together to participate in the Monstrous Monday blogfest on October 29. When that day rolls around, expect the blogosphere to explode with creeping, crawling, cretinous creatures!

But I really like the Halloween season, and I want to do more than just one day's worth of monsters! Normally I spend the week of Halloween on my personal "Festival of Fright" series of blog posts. This year, taking my cue from Tim, I plan on treating every OTHER Monday in October as Mutated Monday!

So stay tuned as, every Monday in October, The Savage AfterWorld brings you a new Mutant Future denizen!


  1. Dude. That is awesome. I will certainly be checking this out!

  2. Actually this is going to be very cool since I am going to be posting a lot of monsters for "Basic Era" games, so LL and MF compatible.

  3. I'm going to totally jump on this bandwagon. Wheeeee!!!

  4. Like you, I went and made my own button, as you can see on the upper corner of my blog....

  5. Count us in. More Mutants means More Fun, as far as we're concerned.


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