Monday, September 10, 2012

Deviant Database Print Version Now 10% Off Through Sept. 12!

The electronic version of Deviant Database is moving nicely, and I thank everyone who's picked up a copy thus far. However, no one seems interested in the print version. As a book editor by trade and a bit of a bibliophile, this simply will not do. Ergo, I am taking two steps to try to drum up a bit of old school print-and-paper interest: The print version of Deviant Database is now permanently priced at $13.95. And for the next two days, I shall run a 10% off sale, effectively making it $12.56 per copy. It's insanity, I tells ya!

The Deviant Database is available as a downloadable PDF for $5.95 at Drive Through RPG and in perfect-bound hardcopy book for $12.56 until September 12 at Lulu.

EDITED TO ADD: There's a Lulu coupon out there for another 20% off too! So use SEPBOOKS12 and it should put them in the $10 range!


  1. Mine already ordered! Now let's wait more or less three weeks until I get it here in Spain... Waiting is really hard!

  2. Reviewed this fantastic book a couple of days ago.Thanks for the privilege of letting me use these nasties on my PCs!
    Fantastic OSR resource!


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