Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Apocalypse Tech Report Now Available For Mutant Future!

When your Mutant Future PCs stumble across that cache of Ancient weapons and tech, will you know what they've discovered? When you've exhausted the high-tech gear, artifacts, and technologies in the main rulebook, where do you turn for new ideas encompassing those near-magical devices from days past?

The Apocalypse Tech Report is a new Mutant Future supplement by R Baseel from Classic Diversions that provides additional equipment and new forms of technology - including cybernetics and nanotechnology - for the denizens of the Mutant Future. From the Web site:

Included in this 32-page supplement are 60 technological artifacts from the pre-apocalypse era - including tools, weapons, gadgets, and armor – along with 10 new robots. The cybernetics section introduces guidelines for creating cyborgs characters and equipping cybernetic implants, along with a simple method for using the game mechanics of standard mutations and technological items as the basis for powerful implant features. The nanotechnology section contains rules for nanoviruses, nanoaugmentations, and independent nanocolonies. These microscopic robots can provide enormous technological benefits to those who are knowledgeable enough to use them properly. If mishandled or used for less benevolent purposes, they are capable of destroying entire civilizations.

PCs will get a lot of use out of new devices such as the Hologuise and Needle Pistol. Perhaps they may upgrade themselves with new cybernetic implants, or an injection of nanoaugmenters is what the doctor ordered. There are a lot of keen Ancient artifacts and ideas to mine in this supplement. And at $5.00 for a PDF or $10.00 for a print version, the price is certainly right! The supplement is available at Lulu at the following links:

The Apocalypse Tech Report - PDF downloadable version at Lulu
The Apocalypse Tech Report - Print version available at Lulu

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  1. This sounds super useful. I'm going to grab my copy now!


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