Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mutated Musings From The Blogosphere

Seems that the blogosphere is alive and well with recent discussions of all things mutated and radioactive. Seeing a few post-apocalyptic posts on warms my heart -- both of them in fact.

Over at Aeons & Augauries, blogmeister JDJarvis has been on a roll this week with a series of posts discussing the hazards of living in the Mutant Future. Brutal Survival in the Mutant Future examines the necessities of life and what happens when you take away things like food, water, shelter, and air. How long can a person last? (Answer: Not too damn long.) He then brings to light Serious Injuries in the Mutant Future and what can happen to a PC if they become maimed or incapacitated. And Heaven help them if they become susceptible to an infection. JDJarvis' most recent post in the same vein is Horrors of Radiation in a Gritty Mutant Future. In a more "realistic" and grittier setting, radiation exposure is something to be avoided and feared. Rather than growing a second head or developing the ability to see through walls, the PC's skin may become paper-like or he could go blind.

Meanwhile, Cyclopeatron over at his self-named blog offers up Why Gamma World Wizards Love Radioactive Cocaine. His vision of a "mutated heavy metal band on tour" is just gonzo enough to make for a wild long-term campaign. He describes different challenges like fighting other rock bands or space aliens, and questing for better instruments, radioactive drugs, mutated groupies, and/or receptive audiences. And when he throws in magic-wielding mutants whose powers are fueled by drug use -- well -- that's a game report I have GOT to read about.


  1. Thanks for linking to the old Radioactive Cocaine spiel! The MUTANTS OF METAL Gamma World Tour starts on Saturday, August 14th at the SoCal Mini-Con III in sunny Anaheim, California! Be there or be square, y'all! If your venereal disease starts talking to you, then you'll know you're in the GAMMA WORLD!

  2. I recently did a video on my YouTube channel essentially deconstructing the PA genre. I love PA, don't get me wrong. But it is sort of silly. :)

    And don't forget the PA mailing lists out there. We are still plugging along! I don't know of any PA Usenet newsgroups but the topic does pop up on other gaming newsgroups occasionally.

    Let your mutant freak flag fly!

  3. I'm preparing tonight's Mutant Future game. Thanks for the links and the blog. It's gonna be one hell of a game!


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