Friday, July 16, 2010

The Colony Season 2 Premieres July 27

Looks like this season of The Colony will focus more on the "how" of society's collapse, which is "biological outbreak." Not only will the "survivors" need to survive and rebuild a community without electricity, running water, government or outside communication, they will also need to keep themselves safe from the ravages of the viral contaminant that devastated humanity as roving bands of human carriers pose a constant threat. Looking forward to any post-apocalyptic "social experiment" that has the following as one of their press photos for the new season:

Simulated decomposing pandemic victims

The Colony Season 2 premieres July 27 at 10 p.m. on Discovery Channel.


  1. I don't even play RPGs and this is an awesome blog. Great mix of content to keep things interesting.

  2. um they never showed that in the conoly in season 2 so that is just a random pic

  3. Umm...that was a promotional still provided by Discovery prior to the show airing, as stated in the post above. So it was from the series, but they never used it on air. This post was made 11 days before the season aired, so there was no way of knowing the scene was not used.


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