Wednesday, December 2, 2009

[Thundarr Thursday] Notorious NPCs: Gemini the Wizard

11th Level Sorcerer

STR: 13 --- INT: 16
DEX: 11 --- WIL: 20
CON: 16 --- CHA: “Good”-17; “Evil”-8
HPs: 60 --- AC: 4
Mutations: optic emissions

The evil wizard Gemini is the closest thing Thundarr has to an archvillian. He is the only foe to face Thundarr on more than one occasion, and he even appears in the opening credits of the show. Gemini should be considered the most dangerous being in the Thundarr universe.

Gemini’s most striking feature is his dual-faced head. He reveals one face – his “good” face - when initially dealing with people or when trying to win over strangers to his lands. This face has an effective Charisma score of 17. However, when angered, Gemini’s head spins around and a face shield slides up, covering his “good” face and revealing his “evil” face. This evil face has glowing red eyes and is covered with wrinkles and scars. Although most sorcerers and wizards are without mutations, Gemini has one special ability. When his evil face is exposed, Gemini is able to use his mutation of optic emissions which blast out a laser-like beam for 4d6 hit points of damage if they strike.

Like other evil wizards, Gemini has established a massive stronghold where he lords over his domain as absolute ruler and master. At his immediate beck and call is an army of 12 known as “Gemini Knights.” These Knights are actually mindless robotic drones dressed in armor from various periods throughout history (taken from various Ancient museums). Gemini will send these warrior Knights out to fight for him before he will enter combat himself.

As an 11th level wizard, Gemini has the following numbers of spells and levels memorized: four 1st level spells; three 2nd, 3rd, and 4th level spells; two 5th level spells; and one 6th level spell. The Mutant Lord should use the magic-user/elf spells from the Labyrinth Lord rules. Even without his spells, Gemini is a powerful fighter. He receives 2 attacks per round and gains a +2 damage bonus when in hand-to-hand combat.

When encountered, Gemini may very well have a small number of Groundlings and Hawk-People with him, as these creatures have served him as minions in the past. It really would not be unusual to encounter Gemini with any number of loyal minions, as disloyalty to Gemini is punishable by any number of very painful deaths.

When first encountered, Gemini will have his “good” face in place. A PC party may very well mistake Gemini as a benevolent and kindly ruler. But once crossed, Gemini’s true face and nature will shift into place and his true evilness will be revealed. Once angered, Gemini will never forget the party and will resurface to torment them for years to come until either he or they are destroyed. And with his abilities and resources, the odds are squarely in his favor.

NOTE: This villain was inspired by the episodes "Secret of the Black Pearl" and "Last Train to Doomsday" from the classic Ruby Spears post-apocalyptic cartoon "Thundarr the Barbarian." Stay tuned each week for "Thundarr Thursday!"


  1. Wow. Just two nights ago, while watching "Secret of the Black Pearl," I thought to myself that I needed to stat up Gemini and have him appear in my current Gamma World game (which I plan to convert to MF after I get my hardcover from Lulu, hopefully sometime in the next week or two). Thankfully, you've saved me a fair bit of time and work. :D

  2. Great post! I love following your Thundarr Thursday posts.

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  4. As I was watching "Secret of the Black Pearl" the other night (and thoroughly enjoying it, thanks so much for turning me on to Thundarr!) I realized that I had to steal Gemini for my game. I absolutely loved it the first time his head flipped around, and I realized how much fun it would be to roleplay him. Gemini is a good Mutant Lord's best friend, a chance to really showcase your abilities as a game master. I don't have magic in my game so I will have to make my own conversion, but your take gives me something to start with.

    Thanks, and awesome post!

  5. Actually, I addressed magic (or lack thereof) in a previous post where I pitched the PC Class "Sorcerer." "Magic" could simply by a new mutation called "energy manipulation" where the mutant can bend, warp, and shape energy to act as sheilds, lasers, and other light-based defense/attack. Or, if that desn't suit you, just give Gemini 5 or 6 beneficial physical/mental mutations on top of his optic emissions. That should make him fairly powerful!

  6. Finally a worthy wizardly adversary! Nice work--on all of the Thundafr Thursday posts!