Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Savage Menagerie: Leperkahn

No. Enc.: 1 (1d4)
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 4
Attacks: 1 (weapon/disease)
Damage: as per weapon
Save: L2
Morale: 7
Hoard Class: X

A Leperkahn (pronounced lep-purr-kahn) is an evil, shrivelled, disease-carrying, human mutant who lives only to make more of his kind. Leperkahns often dress in green (to better camouflage themselves in the forests in which they dwell). Leperkahns are often found alone, although a Leperkahn lair will have 1d4 of the mutants living there.

They have a maximum height of 2 feet due to their dwarfism mutation. Due to this decreased height, they receive a +1 bonus to hit human-sized targets or bigger with a handheld weapon, although they also get a -1 penalty to damage. Their height also gives them a bit of a bonus on their AC.

Where Leperkahns are dangerous in with their disease touch mutation. They are disease carriers who actually delight in spreading their illness to other Pure Strain Humans, which is how they propagate their species. If a Human is touched by a Leperkahn, they will be infected by a wasting disease that will do 1d10 hit points of rotting damage a day. The Human's body will misshape and warp. His mind will become corrupt and twisted. If the progress of the disease is not stopped, within a week the Human will have transformed into an evil Leperkahn as well. They will be lost to the party and will become an NPC creature. However, if the disease *is* stopped, the damage taken by the rotting disease is permanent. Fortunately, only Pure Strain Humans are susceptible and all others are immune to this rotting disease.

Leperkahns have a an eerie, maniacal, high-pitched laugh. If you hear it, it's best to leave the area before they attack.

Mutations: dwarfism, toxic weapon (disease touch)

NOTE: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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