Saturday, March 27, 2010

One Page Dungeon Contest 2010 Meets The Apocalypse

I'm a big fan of the One Page Dungeon Contest (though I've never entered - Bad Sniderman, bad!). I love how the entries can cram an entire evening's worth of adventure and action onto one page. This year, most of the entries encompass the fantasy genre. There are a smattering of sci fi, deep space scenarios too. And this year, there appear to be two entries in the post-apoacalyptic genre, which make my mutated radioactive heart beat just a bit faster! These two mutated entries are:

This year's entries are now undergoing judging, and a winner will be announced on April 18. I wish all 63 entrants the best of luck!

(PS: Last year's OPDC had one post-apocalyptic entry as well - specifically for Mutant Future! Check out last year's MineCo 3000 Uranium Ore Extraction Complex!)

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