Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fight On! Issue 8 Is Out! (With Savage AfterWorld Submissions)

That old-school stalwart fanzine Fight On! is now out with issue 8! Here's the blurb for this exciting issue:
Surrounded on all sides by monstrous aliens, cruel demigods, and ancient lich-kings? Pull out your +4 Plasma Blaster and Fight On! Issue 8, dedicated to cover artist Erol Otus, is ready to ROCK YOUR GAME with new races,classes, spells, tables, gods, monsters, traps, reviews, a ‘desert sandbox’ minicampaign, two longer adventures, eight minidungeons, and lots of other goodies to help you take it to the next level – or stop the PCs from getting there! With art and articles by Erol Otus, Kevin Mayle, Mark Allen, Lee Barber, Peter Jensen, Steve Robertson, Samuel Kisko, Patrick Farley, Kelvin Green, Anthony Stiller, Robert Lionheart, Ramsey Dow, Jeff Rients, Gabor Lux, Age of Fable, Baz Blatt, Zachary Houghton, Erin “Taichara” Bisson, Del L. Beaudry, Geoffrey O. Dale, Michael Curtis, Tavis Allison, James Maliszewski, Tony Dowler, and many, many more, this issue is jam-packed with the old-school action adventure you crave. Don’t miss out – grab it today!
One thing to mention: yours truly submitted several Mutant Future pieces for the issue! Regular readers will remember the Apocalyptic Stormfront Mega-table and the Post-Apocalyptic Vehicle Scrounging Rules that have appeared here at The Savage AfterWorld that now grace the pages of Fight On! But the one article I'm most pleased with'll have to pick up the issue and find out. Lester Smolenski who illustrated it was kind enough to send me this teaser. Click it and order the issue today!