Monday, March 29, 2010

Notorius NPCs: Darius Clawspawn

Darius Clawspawn
4th Level Insectaur

STR: 13 --- INT: 8
DEX: 13 --- WIL: 16
CON: 12 --- CHA: 7
HPs: 43 --- AC: 3
Mutations: venomous stinger, hard outer shell, echolocation, atrophied cerebellum

Darius Clawspawn is an Insectaur outcast who has become a bandit in the Mutant Future. Born into a colony of scorpion Insectaurs, he felt his nest could easily overtake and enslave the other puny humans and mutants in his region. The rest of his colony, however, are a peaceful race, wanting nothing to do with his plans of conquest and domination. Darius left his colony years ago and he has travelled the wastelands, attacking and destroying those he feels are weak and purposeless in the Mutant Future.

Darius has a misshapen, mutated torso of a human mutant and the lower body of a scorpion. He has two large claws where his hands would be, giving him 3d6 of crushing damage when he grasps an enemy with them. As an Insectaur, Darius has developed other insect-like mutations his species are known for. Taking after the pre-war species of scorpion, Darius has developed a hard outer shell which improves his AC to 3. He can attack with a large venomous stinger as well. If successfully hit, a PC will take 5d6 of poison damage unless a save vs. poison is made (then it's half-damage). Darius' INT score is low due to his atrophied cerebellum, so he can be easily out-thought and out-maneuvered. But his level, DEX score , and echolocation mutation all give him a +4 to hit and +1 to damage, making him a formidable opponent in a fight.

Darus is a good local enemy to place into any Mutant Future campaign. He can be the leader of a bandit raider group who is terrorizing the local villagers. (Darius has recruited a local band of mants and cockroachoids to assist him in his goals.) He may also be found ambushing trader caravans or trying to set himself up as a local warlord. Darius has grand plans to taking over the world, but his low INT and rash nature makes that unlikely. But his strength and natural weaponry makes him just as dangerous when faced head-to-head.


  1. I don't know why exactly, but I love this sentence:

    "Darius has grand plans to taking over the world, but his low INT and rash nature makes that unlikely."

  2. That is one scary dude.


  3. I posted him as a Mutant Future enemy, and then again as a D&D monster. Thanks again.



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