Thursday, December 31, 2009

[Thundarr Thursday] Ancient Armory: The Black Pearl

The Black Pearl is an Ancient artifact capable of deadening the powers of wizards, sorcerers, and other magic wielders. It appears as a fist-sized glossy black sphere with no markings, openings, switches, or dials. Anyone who physically holds the Pearl is immune from the effects of magic, and any village that possesses the Pearl is enveloped by a magic-dampening field, protecting it from the wrath of evil wizards. It is undetermined if the Black Pearl is a mystical or technological artifact.

In the cartoon series, The Black Pearl was being transported to the village of Manhatt when the courier was ambushed by groundlings trying to obtain the Pearl for the evil Wizard Gemini. Fortunately, Thundarr and his party drove away the rat-like beings and delivered the Pearl to the villagers. While carrying the Pearl, Gemini’s magic had no effect on Thundarr, and at the conclusion of the episode, the Pearl was hurled at Gemini to explosive effect.

If your Mutant Future game has magic in it, the Black Pearl should act as a magic sink. Magic does not work within a 100-yard radius of the Pearl. Both wizards and sorcerers should find themselves powerless within the Pearl’s range. Also, any magic cast into the Pearl’s range of influence “fizzles out” once it comes within 100 yards. However, pre-existing magical effects are NOT canceled out if brought into the Pearl’s area of influence.

On the other hand, if your Mutant Future game does not encompass magic, the Black Pearl should rather act as a mental mutation dampener within a 100-yard radius. All mental mutations – both beneficial and drawback – are unavailable to the mutant. (Physical mutations are unaffected.) And, just like magic, mental mutation effects will be abolished if they are cast into the Pearl’s range.

NOTE: This artifact was inspired by the episode "Secret of the Black Pearl" from the classic Ruby-Spears post-apocalyptic cartoon "Thundarr the Barbarian." Stay tuned each week for "Thundarr Thursday!"


  1. Nice write-up once again. I love how you gave options for both the PEarl as it was in the series and for those MF games that may not include magic, making the post all the more useful.

  2. Awesome one of my favorite episodes ever. Keep up the nice work. Needles

  3. There was a suggestion by Thunndar that the secret to manufacter of the black pearl might also be found if it could be exammed & researched by a group of scorcerers to protect human villages. The lot of humans in Thundarr's world isn't a happy one but it does make for some great adventures.