Monday, December 7, 2009

Dangerous Encounter: Out To Sea

This encounter revolves around sea travel and combat, so this is a good chance for a Mutant Lord to use the "Adventures at Sea" section on page 52 of the Mutant Future rulebook as well as the "Monster Encounter Table (Sea)" on page 105.

The PCs should find out about a battery of Ancient military sea bases just off the coast. (This encounter could take place in an ocean, a sea, one of the Great Lakes, or any large body of water requiring "sea travel.") Since this was a military stronghold, the likelihood of interesting weaponry and devices is certain.

The bases should be about a mile away. As the bases appear on the horizon, the PCs will see a series of four turret-like structures on long legs. If they have something that allows for seeing at a distance (or if anyone has a mutation allowing for it), they can see some kind of human-like shadows at some of the window and doorway openings. It is at this point that a pair of Great White Gulls (new creature, click here for a description) attacks the PCs and their craft. (The gulls have a nest on the roof of one of the bases.)

Great White Gulls (2) (AL N, MV Fly: 240’ (80’), AC 6, HD 3, #AT 1, DG 2d8, SV L2, ML 8, mutations: echolocation, know direction)

As the PCs draw within 100 yards, they'll be able to clearly see who now lives in the bases. A colony of cephalopoids has taken up residence (MF rulebook, pg. 66). Their initial appearance may startle the PCs. As they get closer to the bases, they will hiss, burble, and shriek, waving wildly at the approaching boat. If they get even closer, the 'poids may even fire a few shots at the PCs.

Cephalopoids (8) (AL N, MV 120' (40'), Tentacles: 150’ (50’), AC 7, HD 10, #AT 5 or 2 (4 tentacles and a bite, or two weapon attacks), DG 1d6 tentacle/2d6 bite or per weapon, SV L3, ML 9, mutations: toxic weapon)

In actuality, the cephalopoids are trapped by a patch of kelpers (MF rulebook, pg. 79) that have floated in. There are two kelpers clustered around the bases of each of the four towers, silently laying in wait. (They claimed two cephalopoid victims before they figured out what was going on.) The cephalopoids are actually trying to warn the PCs of the danger.

Kelpers (8) (AL N, MV None, AC 7, HD 3, #AT 1 (vines or feeding tube), DG None/2d6, SV L1, ML 12, mutations: prehensile tendrils, dermal poison sap)

If the PCs help the cephalopoids drive off or destroy the kelpers, they will be very grateful and will present the party with a rusty metal footlocker that contains the following: two laser pistols Mk 2; a laser rifle; and two nonlethal photon grenades. The pistols and rifle are completely discharged and will need new power sources.


  1. Great encounter! I love the use of sea life as mutant fodder. Some of my own creatures would be right at home in this encounter.

  2. Thanks! I wanted to create something that took place out in the open water, but I didn't want it to be Battle The Giant Sea Monster time. I thought it would be a bit more interesting for the PCs if it wasn't clear who the bad guys were. Good opportunity for role playing, I hope.