Monday, December 28, 2009

Ancient Armory: Biobattery Power Clip

This small device was developed by the military for emergency use in the field when a weapon power source is unavailable. The Biobattery taps into the neural energy of the user to power small weapons.

The Biobattery appears as a standard small weapons power clip. However, attached to the end of it are two thin cables that lead into a compression armband (somewhat like a blood pressure cuff). The Biobattery is inserted into any small energy weapon that uses a power clip, then the compression armband is wrapped around the upper arm. Once the cuff is in place, the Biobattery inserts two small needles under the surface of the skin. This creates a circuit between the user's nervous system and the energy source of the device.

When the small weapon is fired, the Biobattery draws neural energy directly from the user, "draining" 1d4+4 (5-10) hit points from the weapon's firer. This drain powers the weapon and fires it for the appropriate amount of damage. The time to draw the energy from the user until the weapon fires is instantaneous. The energy drain from the user is painless, although the accumulated hit point loss will slowly begin taking its toll as the user becomes more and more fatigued. If the user has more than 40 hit points drained during the Biobattery's use, have them roll a save versus CON else they'll drop into unconsciousness for 1d6 turns.

The Biobattery only comes in one style - power clip. Only those devices that use a power clip are compatible with the Biobattery.

NOTE: Turns out a biobattery is a real thing - to a point.

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  1. very intersting gadget! i can see this as an emergency power supply for a desperate group of Mutant future characters down to their last few energy charges....