Thursday, October 8, 2009

[Thundarr Thursday] Savage Menagerie: The Sleeping Demon

No. Enc.: 1
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 90' (30'); flying 240’ (80’)
Armor Class: 3
Hit Dice: 13
Attacks: 3 (2 claws, bite)
Damage: 1d10, 1d10, 1d12
Save: L11
Morale: 11
Hoard Class: none

The Sleeping Demon is a unique creature in the Thundarr universe as it is not a natural denizen of the ruined Earth of the future. Nor is the creature mystical, magical, or demonic in nature. Rather it is an Ancient genetic experiment revived from suspended animation by the wanna-be wizard Judag.

The Sleeping Demon appears to be a cross between a hawk, an owl, and a gorilla. It has hawk-like talons for both hands and feet as well as a fully-developed set of wings powerful enough to carry both itself and a victim aloft. The exact name of the creature as well as the experiment which spawned it are lost to the sands of time.

The Sleeping Demon is incredibly strong. It attacks with its talon "hands" for 1d10 hit points of damage for each claw and it can bite with its powerful beak for 1d12 hit points of damage. It has a ravenous appetite and it will feed on any mutant it can get its claws into. Due to its hunger, The Sleeping Demon has a very high morale. It will not stop or retreat until it has fed.

In Thundarr's time, the legend of The Sleeping Demon is well-known. Its exact nature and background is still steeped in mystery and myth though. It is said that whosoever awakens The Sleeping Demon will be granted the powers of a wizard. The truth is that the awakener will most likely be the first victim the "Demon" will feed upon. (After all, it hasn't eaten in more than 1,000 years.) After feeding, the Demon will then fly to the nearest village and continue its feast.

Mutations: complete wing development

NOTE: This creature is inspired by the episode “The Den of the Sleeping Demon” from the classic Ruby Spears post-apocalyptic cartoon “Thundarr the Barbarian.” Stay tuned each week for “Thundarr Thursday”!

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