Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ancient Armory: Megalert

This drug is found in capsule form and is one of the strongest stimulants ever developed by the Ancients. The drug was used for those times when a sudden burst of superhuman strength and stamina were needed. One capsule will increase a PC's Strength by 1 and his Constitution by 2. This effect can be increased for each pill taken, up to 3 capsules. (2 pills = +2 STR and +4 CON; 3 pills = +3 STR and +6 CON) This effect will last 1d6 X 10 turns per pill consumed. However, after the pills wear off, the character will "crash." Both their Strength and Constitution scores will drop by half during this period. Only if the character rests for a full 24 hours for each pill consumed can they negate this decrease in ability. (3 pills = 72 hours of uninterrupted rest) If a character is unfortunate enough to consume 4 or more capsules, the "crash" takes place immediately, and they will be at half-STR/CON until they are able to rest as previously described. One bottle of Megalert typically contains 2d6 capsules.


  1. I would personally add a saving throw versus addiction after the second use. Then allow the addiction to be at least partially sated by other less potent stimulants (like the Mutant Future equivalent of Jet).

  2. Never thought about addiction kicking in. I was envisioning it as the World's Strongest Red Bull. But it's a great idea since someone could conceivably get hooked on the power it bestows - when not abused.


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