Thursday, October 22, 2009

[Thundarr Thursday] New Character Race: Barbarian

Hit Dice: 1d8 per point of CON
Mutations: none

Barbarians are the uncivilized nomads of the Thundarr universe. Trained since birth in the ways of combat and self-sufficiency, Barbarians are the natural survivors of the future Earth. It is assumed that Barbarians are part of a larger tribal race, but it is very rare to encounter more than one or two Barbarians at a time. They are usually dressed in animal hides and furs, which are decorated with bones and teeth of past hunting victories.

Barbarians appear to be an offshoot of Pure Strain Humans although, unlike the typical humans encountered, they are muscular and in good physical condition. Due to a lifetime of physical training, Barbarians gain +2 when rolling for both Strength and Constitution. Because of their "hardiness," Barbarians roll 1d8 per point of Constitution for their hit point totals. A Barbarian's true abilities lie within his acrobatic skills and heightened agility, enabling him to commit almost superhuman feats. This is due to the +3 Dexterity bonus gained when rolling up a Barbarian. Barbarians will never be encountered with any mutations. (In the Thundarr universe, mutations are usually limited to wizard deformities or the dangerous monsters that roam the wastelands.)

Because of their savage outward appearance and primitive way of speaking, a Barbarian may be viewed as not very intelligent. In fact, the opposite is true: A Barbarian is incredibly clever and quick-witted. They do not receive a a bonus or penalty when rolling for Intelligence. However, since Barbarians have not had much exposure to Ancient history, artifacts, and technology, they have a permanent -10% Technology Roll Modifier.

But even though they may be ignorant of Ancient history and devices, a Barbarian is not distrustful of technology and may even be found using an Ancient device comfortably. (For example, Zogar's cyborg arm.) Barbarians are usually armed with a special weapon that they prefer in combat. The Mutant Lord may wish to present the PC with a unique weapon to wield, i.e., Thundarr's Sun Sword, Zogar's Flaming Trident, or Shara's Skull Mace.

Barbarians can be of either lawful or chaotic alignment, but because of their driving passions and goals, Barbarians will never be of Neutral alignment. Barbarians are usually arrogant and stubborn, refusing to listen to reason until the situation requires it. Barbarians are quick to action as well, almost reckless in nature, as they quickly grow impatient. They will be the first to enter combat, which - to them - is usually the most direct course of action for any situation.

In spite of their hot-headed shortcomings, Barbarians can be fairly friendly and helpful once you get to know them and once they have given you their trust. Barbarians are fiercely loyal to their friends, seeing the value of traveling in numbers with a like-minded group. Any Barbarians encountered who are traveling alone are usually of a self-serving chaotic nature and should be viewed with caution.

Barbarians are very vocal, preferring to let loose with a war-cry when entering battle. ("Ahhhhhhhh-hee!") They may also have a few catchphrases they will utter when surprised or angered. ("Lords of Light! Demon Dogs!") The player should be encouraged to come up with one of two "catchphrases" to endlessly shout out while playing. ("By the Ancients!")

NOTE: This character race is inspired by the classic Ruby Spears post-apocalyptic cartoon “Thundarr the Barbarian.” Stay tuned each week for “Thundarr Thursday”!

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  1. This race stats up nicely. I've worked up several barbarians for my Mutant Future Campaign using this. Thanks!