Monday, October 26, 2009

Other Blogs' Coverage of Mutant Future This Week

Several other blogs posted some very interesting material for Mutant Future over the past week. Thought I'd quickly run them down in case you missed them:

A new Mutant Future-focused blog is gaining steam! The blog, Mutagenic Substance, has blogmeister Carl Nash overseeing the content and generating new material. This week, Carl tackled one subject that gained a lot of attention in the blogosphere last week: megadungeons. Carl's thoughts on the matter is in two parts and can be found here: The Megadungeon in the Mutant Future and The Megadungeon in the Mutant Future, Part Two. Carl's most recent post examines whether Mutant Future has too many or too few rules. I encourage all "Future Mutants" to visit!

At the blog Troll and Flame, blogmeister Norman Harman had A Post Apocalyptic Thought. He feels that a massive "city world" would be a much more interesting setting than the typical blasted, flattened, wilderness landscape. He sees huge ruins stretching into the sky; miles of underground tunnels; and city ruins that stretch as far as the eye can see. A very interesting thought indeed - and one that could potentially tie into the heated "megadungeon" conversations now ongoing elsewhere.

Since blogmeister Jeff Rients runs a regular Mutant Future campaign, his blog Jeff's Gameblog is always good for the occasional Mutant Future-related post. Two recent posts recapped a Mutant Future session he ran with incredibly amusing results. Check them out: We Had to Destroy the Bridge To Save It and Like This, But With More Filth.

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  1. Thanks for the plug! I like your blog a lot and I am sure I will end up pilfering quite a bit from it for my campaign. May all your mutations be beneficial!


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