Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Character Race: Mastermind

Hit Dice: 1d4 per point of CON
Mutations: 1d4 + 2 mental, no physical

Masterminds are the mysterious - though civilized - intellectuals of the Mutant Future. They feel that only through education and knowledge can the civilizations of The Ancients be reachieved. It’s fairly easy to identify a Mastermind. They appear to be as Pure Strain Humans, except for a enlarged, bald cranium which houses his or her overdeveloped brain. They can be aloof, egotistical, and haughty, though they are not malicious. They often feel they know the correct thing to do in any situation, though they may overanalyze things to the point of near inaction.

Masterminds are physically weak and frail. They have a penalty of -2 when rolling for Strength. They also roll 1d4 per point of CON for their hit point total instead of the usual 1d6. However, due to their advanced mental capacities, Masterminds receive a +2 bonus when rolling for their Intelligence and Willpower scores.

Though weak, Masterminds can thrive in the Mutant Future due to their highly developed brains which have unlocked powerful psychic abilities. Masterminds receive 1d4 + 2 mental mutations. If any mental mutation is rolled twice, the Mutant Lord is encouraged to “supercharge” the ability by doubling its range, increasing its damage potential, or otherwise improving on the mutation in some way. Masterminds will never possess any physical mutations (except for, you know, the big head). One interesting characteristic: Masterminds do not speak. Rather they communicate through an innate Neural Telepathy ability. (This ability is not to be counted as one of the Mastermind’s mental mutations.)

Masterminds are usually a fairly isolated race, preferring to form small communities called “Think Tanks” where they silently commune with each other and try to formulate a plan for reviving the civilizations of Old Earth. However, a Mastermind may be sent out into the world to gather data, do research, and interact with the denizens of the world.

NOTE: I'd like to thank Malcadon for his help in naming this new race!


  1. Great Idea. Consider it yoinked.

  2. I'm glad I can help with the naming. That is some good stats. Simple, and without adding any new rules to the fold. It's perfect for any MF & GW game.

    The only houserule I can think of, is to allow a 10% chance (roll of 91-00) of rolling a new Mental Mutation on the Experience Level Bonuses chart - with the option of nullifying an existent defect outright. Their Ability Bonus can boosted to a d8, with a roll of 7 adding to INT, and 8 adding to WIL.

  3. That's a great idea! After all, Masterminds would be improving their mental abilities while "adventuring" so they'd have a chance of improving those scores!

  4. Let's take it for a test drive!!


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