Sunday, July 31, 2022

[Samson Sunday] Ancient Armory: Terra's Electroprod

 (Seriously, there is a LOT of good MCC stuff in Issue #6!)

Weapon: Electroprod
Tech Level: 3
Complexity Modifier: 3

Range: Melee
Damage: 2d8 plus stun (DC 18 Fort save or stunned for 1d8 rounds)
Power: C-Cell (20), F-Cell (40), Q-Cell (U) 

The electroprod used by Terra of Jerz is a device of her own creation. As a master technician with an abundance of Ancient tech at her disposal, Terra created her electroprod as a way to keep her minions under control without doing any serious harm to them.

The electroprod has the same effect as a force baton, in that it has an end result of stunning the target. However, the electroprod does this by first delivering a wicked electrical shock that does 2d8 hit point of damage, which also overloads the target's neural system. The target must then make a DC 18 Fort save or they will be stunned for 1d8 rounds.

Terra was unable to miniaturize the power source enough to fit into the electroprod itself, so she wears a power pack on her belt with wires leading to the electroprod. If these wires are ever broken or severed, the electroprod will be powerless until she has time to repair the device.

NOTE: This weapon was inspired by the tale from Issue 6 of "Mighty Samson." Stay tuned each week for Samson Sunday!

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