Thursday, August 14, 2014

October's Con On The Cob Features New Games Of Cryptworld and Cartoon Action Hour!

Getting my gaming schedule in place for this October's Con on the Cob, Northern Ohio's four day celebration of games, art, freaks, and fun. The Con will be held October 16-19 in Hudson, Ohio.

This year, I'll be representing Goblinoid Games / Pacesetter Ltd in the Vendor's Hall! Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future games and supplements will be well-represented, of course. And for those who want to get reacquainted with the Pacesetter RPG line -- or those who have always wanted to check it out -- stop on by and I'll run you through a quick one-on-one scenario to show you how the system works.  Cryptworld, Rotworld, Timemaster, Majus -- they'll all be on hand! (Plus lots of other games, supplements, swag, and niftiness!)

Due to my time being taken up by the Vendor's Hall, my gaming time will be somewhat limited. However, I will be running two new games written for the event. The first is a new Cryptworld adventure written specifically for the con.

Death In The Dust
Thursday: 8 pm--Midnight
In 1901, the gold-mining boomtown of Weaver, Arizona, was suddenly abandoned by its citizens after a series of unexplained disappearances, and the town was left to crumble in the desert sands. Recently, however, tourists are flocking to the former ghost town, which has been revitalized as a historical attraction. Is history about to repeat itself?

And one of my new obsessions is the new edition of Cartoon Action Hour that captures the feel of those 1980s action cartoons we used to love. (And the action figures they spawned!) I have a new "series" for the game I'm launching at Con on the Cob that I'm pretty excited by. My elevator pitch would be: "What if the kids from the D&D Animated Cartoon found themselves in the world of Ravenloft rather than the Forgotten Realms?"

Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3
Transylmania Ep. 1: “Arrival in Darkbourne”
Friday, 8 am--Noon

Six teens are transported to the haunted lands of Darkbourne, a world where monsters, ghouls, and nightmares are real! Rescued by the kindly librarian Dan Helsing, they become the Mighty Monster Fighters: chosen by fate to defeat the evil Count Vladula and his monstrous minions! If they want to get back home, the teens must bring hope back to the realm of TRANSYLMANIA! It’s 1980’s cartoon action!

Any other free time I can find, I'm gonna try to get on the other side of the table and chuck some dice. In fact, I'm arriving on Wednesday -- a day early -- specifically to play in the "unofficial" pick-up games that occur. (And maybe a few drunken games of Drinking Quest if my KS package arrives in time!) Looking forward to seeing everyone this fall!

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  1. Man, TransylMania sounds amazing.

    Drak Pack, Filmation's Ghostbusters, and Dungeons & Dragons animated rolled into one...?


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