Friday, August 29, 2014

November's U-Con Features An "OSR Track" Of Games, Guests, And Seminars!

This fall's convention season is shaping up to be an active one for me! My gaming schedule is in place for October's Con on the Cob in Hudson, Ohio. And now, I'm finalizing my plans for the  U-Con Gaming Convention to be held November 14 - 16 in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

This year, U-Con is launching an "OSR Track" featuring games and seminars with an old-school focus. And due to my contributions to the OSR, I've been asked to participate as a special guest! I'm pretty stoked about that.

Once again, I'll be manning the Goblinoid Games / Pacesetter Ltd booth in the Vendor's Hall with plenty of Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future games and supplements. The Pacesetter RPG line will also be available, and I'll be running one-on-one scenarios at the booth for those who want to get familiar with the Action Table System.

My gaming time will be tight, but I have two games on the schedule as part of the OSR Track: 

Mutant Future
Gimme Shelter III: Down to Earth
Friday, 8 pm--Midnight

NOW HIRING: Barter John needs six apocalyptic scavengers to investigate last month’s meteorite impact crater. Rumors of extraterrestrial infestation are to be ignored. Any retrieved Bygone artifacts will be split 60-40. Tools and transportation provided. No mants or boulderoids need apply.

Saturday: 8 pm--Midnight
Horrific axe murders recently committed in Oregon's Tillamook State Forest are identical to those committed by the legendary "Paul Bunyon Butcher" 40 years ago. However, the original killer – now elderly and feeble – remains behind bars. Has a copycat killer surfaced, or is this the work of something even more sinister?

I might try to squeeze an early-morning Thundarr game in there too, but I'm already gonna be burning the candle at both ends while I'm there, so I need to really give that some consideration. (Plus, it's the only time I have open so I can play something myself!)

Looking forward to seeing everyone this fall!


  1. Finally, Gimme Shelter III! Hope you do the writeup in time for my next MF game.


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