Wednesday, August 6, 2014

[Cartoon Action Hour] Help Me Decide Which Series To Run!

Well, I'm scheduled to attend both Ohio's Con on the Cob in October and Michigan's U-Con in November. My time will be limited as I'll be manning the Gobinoid Games/Pacesetter LTD booth in the Dealer's Hall at both cons. (Be sure to stop by and say "Hey!")

I'll be running games of Cryptworld at both conventions late at night after the hall closes, as it's become my go-to horror genre game to run at cons. (Details to come...) I only have enough time remaining to run one early morning session at each con. Of course, my ever-popular Thundarr the Barbarian game is a crowd-pleaser, but honestly, I'd like to run something different this season. But I also love running a cartoon-based game in the wee morning hours. The players always arrive a bit groggy, but a few hours of animated Saturday morning mayhem is better than a double-espresso. But if not Thundarr, then what to run this season? Then it hit me:

The newly-released Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3 would be a perfect system to run an early morning 80s animated action game with! I love the system, which is simple, streamlined, perfect for con-run games, and lends itself perfectly for the kind of over-the-top 'toon action I like to play.

Now then, I have ideas for two cartoon "series" I'd like to run, but I'm honestly torn as to which one to launch at Con on the Cob this October. So I'll leave it up to you folks. So grab a bowl of Cap'n Crunch, plop down in front of the console Zenith TV set, and consider the promos for these two new 80s cartoon series airing this fall!

On a dare, six teens entered the creepy mansion at the edge of town. But when they left the next morning, they found they had been transported to a haunted land filled with monsters, ghouls, and nightmarish creatures! Taking refuge in the village at the foot of Mount Dread, the lost youth met the kindly librarian "Dan Helsing," who explained to them that they are the Mighty Monster Fighters: chosen by fate to defeat the evil Count Vladula and his monstrous minions! If they hope to find a way back home, the teens must bring hope and light back to the realm of...

Students who attend Sterling Preparatory for Youth University learn about more than mathematics, geography, and science. They also learn about martial arts, disguise and infiltration, and saving the world from the forces of evil! These teens are secretly being trained to be the world's next great super-secret agents under the watchful eye of Headmaster Sterling (AKA retired super-agent "Mr. S"). Students are tasked with fighting the forces of H.O.R.N.E.T. -- a sinister band of evil agents who wish to take over the world. The only thing standing in their way are the kids who attend...

So those are the concepts. Vote in the comments as to which cartoon series "pitch" you like best. I plan to hammer out both and release them for folks to run their own games, but I need to get some feedback as to which one sounds more "1980s cartoon action awesome"! That's the one that'll premiere at Con on the Cob and U-Con!


  1. I like them both, but I think 'TransylMania' has an easier hook for con play.

  2. I agree I like the TransylMania one. I'd watch that show.
    Also, is that your collection of DVD pictured above? I loved Inhumanoids. That was such a weird show.

  3. Both sound good as long as you hold a seat for me.

    TransylMania sounds more up my alley. S.P.Y.U. sounds like an easier game to run from a GM's perspective. Yeah, I vote TransylMania, too. Hope to see you there!

  4. I have that red box DVD set for the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. It is a great set, and a must have for any fan!

    The only issue I have with it is how thrown together the game book felt. The adventures was all about combat and lacked any form of story or puzzle-salving. A fan-made game book would be nice.

  5. I go with "Spy U", since I hate horror.....

  6. Hey Transylmaina sounds like a blast. That's my vote.

    But either one as long as you keep it real and run Thundarr with Mutant Future at NTRPG Con. You got me hooked on MF and I don't feel like learning another system just to play Under A Shattered Moon.

    aka DM Glen

  7. Okay I think my first comment got lost in the internets....

    They both sound awesome, but I vote for Transylmania. I could see 1980's animation as I read the description.

  8. Transylmania is my vote. Loves me some 80s cartoon versions of classic monsters!

  9. Late to the party.

    TransylMania rules!


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