Wednesday, August 20, 2014

[Cryptworld] Deadly Destination: Crybaby Bridge

An eerie area for Cryptworld


A “crybaby bridge” is a general term used to describe a bridge haunted by the spirit of a baby, child, or the child’s parent(s). A baby’s cries are usually heard at the location giving the bridge its nickname, though adult screams and wails could also be experienced. The bridge is often the scene of a past crime as the original victim either accidentally fell to their fate or was violently thrown into the waters below.


The urban legends surrounding the local crybaby bridge are usually well-known by the citizens of the town, and everyone will have a personal “ghost sighting” that they’ll be willing to share. Some of the more common accounts include:

  • The crying/wailing happens only at midnight when the full moon is up. The screams go on for several minutes, then are cut off as a “splash” is heard in the waters below.
  • If baby powder is sprinkled on the bridge surface, the footprints of a child are revealed. If followed, the footprints walk up to and over the edge.
  • The ghostly spirit of a distraught parent who lost their child at the scene stands silent watch over the waters. If approached, they will disappear.
  • On the anniversary of the victim’s death, any vehicles passing over the bridge will stall out and refuse to start. Only if the vehicle is towed or pushed off the bridge will it start again.


Recently, the crybaby bridge has been the scene of a series of violent murders. Each of the killings has occurred late at night, and the bodies have been found either on the bridge or down in the waters below. Due to the rumors and legends surrounding the location, the players are brought in to investigate whether the supposed “haunting” has taken a violent turn.


  • The crybaby bridge is haunted by the ghost of a parent who lost their child on the bridge, either by accident (vehicle collision or an accident fall over the rails) or on purpose (the murder/suicide of a child/parent). Though peaceful over the years, the ghost has become enraged, and it seeks justice for their child’s death. It stops and demands answers from those who cross the bridge at night, and attacks any who cannot satisfy it.
  • The bridge is not truly haunted per se, but rather it has become the lair of a Hell Spawn. The demonic child-thing learned of the urban legend surrounding the bridge and has been using the folklore to mask its murderous games. Eyewitnesses claiming to see a “child” on the bridge only help to support the legend.
  • A demon was responsible for the initial deaths at the bridge, and now it is somehow “anchored” to the location. Every 6 years, the demon requires the blood of the innocent or it will be banished from the physical realm. It uses its Demonic Powers to lure the unwary and curious to the bridge, feeds on their lifeforce, then disposes of the body, making it look like yet another crybaby bridge suicide.


  1. Nice!

    We had one of these in my home town. Complete with a stop sign that was supposed to bleed.

    It even had a fantastic name for a haunted bridge, it was on, "Greely Chapel Road".

  2. We had one of these near where I grew up too. I was actually just sad to learn that they restored it (


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