Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fight On! Issue 9 Is Out (With Post-Apocalyptic Goodness!)

That old-school stalwart fanzine Fight On! is now out with issue 9! Here's the blurb for this exciting issue:
When you're down to your last hit point, your last spell, the last charge on your laser pistol - what now? Fight On! Issue #9 is here, stampeding out of the gate with adventures big and small, a city-state, races, classes, monsters, spells, tricks, traps, tables, rules options, random encounters, NPCs, and a motherlode of mighty miscellaneous mysteries to give your game a boost! Dedicated to Paul Jaquays, this issue features contributions from Jeff Rients, Sang Lee, Tavis Allison, Kelvin Green, Geoffrey McKinney, Patrick Farley, Zak S., Erik Battle, James Quigley, Mark Allen, Jennifer Weigel, Gabor Lux, Peter Schmidt Jensen, Ed Heil, Paul Fini, Raven Daegmorgan, Eric Minton, Allen Varney, Baz Blatt, Geoffrey O. Dale, Jerry Stratton, Chris Robert, Calithena, Jeff Talanian, and many, many more! Don't get caught without the old school's newest resources - order your copy today!
In this issue, there is plenty of material for fans of Mutant Future and the post-apocalyptic genre to gnaw on! Here is just a sample:
  • New Jersey After The “Big Whoops” by Adam Thornton -- This entry in the 2010 One-Page Dungeon Contest won in the "Best Post-Apocalyptic Goodness" category. The radioactive sandbox setting is based on the eastern U.S. coast.
  • Post-Apocalyptic Crafting by Lawson Reilly -- If your PCs would like to try to cobble together something useful from the ruins and debris of the wastelands, this elegant system allows the player to try to craft an item from found objects. Anything from simple devices to lethal weapons are covered, and skilled crafters could even begin a sideline business selling their assembled wares.
  • Artifacts, Adjuncts, & Oddments: Elegant Weapons for a Mutated Age by Lee Barber -- Barber presents us with three "rayguns" for use in post-apocalyptic/space opera games. Will your party find the "Hubley Atomic Disintegrator" useful or dangerous? Can they handle the awesome power of the "Commando Blister Rifle?"


  1. Commando Blister Rifle sounds waay cool!

  2. Hair cut spam now? Anyway, thanks for mentioning my raygun bit. The blister rifle was my version of a prop seen in the Hoff-tastic film STARCRASH.


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