Friday, October 23, 2015

[Cryptworld] The Month Of Things: Strix

An Avian Abattoir for Cryptworld

STR: 5 (75) --- WPR: 3 (45)
DEX: 5 (75) --- PER: NA
AGL: 7 (105) --- PCN: 7 (105)
STA: 4 (60) --- PWR: NA
ATT: 3/90% --- WND: 14
MV:  L 75 F 225 (L 75† when human)

Experience: 1,000

A strix is a lycanthropic “were-raptor” that takes the form of a half-man/half-bird of prey. During the period of a new moon, the strix – which typically resembles a human -- will transform into the hybrid man-bird thing in 3d10 rounds. It will retain this form for the duration of the new moon’s phase. (The strix will usually make arrangements while human to explain away the 3-day absence – a sudden illness, away on vacation, on a business trip, etc.)

In its monstrous form, the strix’s bird-half typically resembles a hawk, vulture, or owl, although other forms of bird are possible. (A strix cannot fully transform into a bird of prey.) The strix sprouts large wings enabling it to fly with ease. Its hands and feet become razor-sharp talons, and its head transforms into that of its avian species. A strix is able to see equally well during the night as it does during the day, making it particularly dangerous during the new moon phase. The strix usually attacks from the air during a moonless night, letting loose with an ear-piecing shriek as it drops from the sky onto its prey. It will claw and tear at its victim with its talons and beak, rending the victim as it feeds. If a victim survives a strix attack, they must make a WIL save or they will inherit the curse, becoming a strix at the next new moon phase.

A strix in either of its forms regains Stamina as if one column higher. It heals 2 Wounds with each day of rest; 4 if receiving medical treatment. Just as with werewolves (Cryptworld rule book, page 72), silver bullets deal +5 Wound boxes of damage with any successful attack. In its human form, a strix will seek out and live at the highest point in the area – a mountain ridge, a big city high rise, a chain of hills, etc.

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  1. If anyone seeing this has a more in-depth link about strix, I'd be thankful to have it. Specifically how they feed, as that is my current focus


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