Saturday, October 10, 2015

Con On The Cob Starts In Six Days! Come Check Out The Goblinoid/Pacesetter Booth!

Ok folks in Ohio and neighboring states! Con on the Cob starts next Thursday, and Your Friendly Neighborhood Sniderman will be in attendance for his third straight year! This has become my favorite Ohio-based convention filled with gaming, parties, pick-up games, artists, vendors, seminars, more gaming, drinking and debauchery, auctions, live entertainment, and even more gaming. It's four straight days of fun, fun, fun, and I'd love to meet some of you there this year. As always, I'll be live blogging from the event each day, so be sure stay tuned to The Savage AfterWorld for news and updates from Ohio's "Four Days of GamesArtFreaksFun"!
  • Goblinoid Games/Pacesetter will have a vendor's booth again this year manned by myself and the ever-genial Jim Yoder of Random Dispatches (from Ohio)! I'll have the entire GG / Pacesetter library available for sale -- in hardback and softcover -- so if you need Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future, Cryptworld, Starships & Spacemen, or anything else, stop by the booth!
  • And, as a special release, Con on the Cob will see the first public offering of the new Monsters Macabre sourcebook for Cryptworld for sale! Come pick up your own copy of Pacesetter's newest book for its modern horror RPG.
  • Speaking of Cryptworld, I'll be running two games during the con: "Unquenchable" and "Condition Critical." Think you're savvy enough to survive the night? Test your mettle in these two horrifying scenarios!
  • Do I have swag for my players? Damn skippy I have swag for my players. Folks who play in my games always get goodies! This year, all CW players will get a newly-printed copy of the new zine "Creepy Comic Conversion" Issue 1. This mini-adventure for Cryptworld is based on a classic horror comic tale from the 1950s! Even if you don't play in the game, these will be available at the booth, so swing by!
  • I'll also be available for after-hours pick-up games too! I'll be playing games throughout the con, but I'm always up for any board games/RPGs that pop up after the show "ends." Let me know if you've got something going on!
  • This year, Con on the Cob has moved to new swankier digs at the Days Inns & Suites in Brecksville, Ohio! Bigger gaming areas! Bigger vendor's halls! THERE'S A MINI-GOLF COURSE IN THE HOTEL. Looking forward to checking out the new location!
  • And, as mentioned, I'll be posting each day I'm there. So be sure to stay tuned next week for news, updates, photos, coverage, and tales of adventure from Ohio's bestest funnest game con and 24-hour party!

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